'Cooties' Trailer Pits Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood Against… Kid Zombies

Kids. They're the worst. Correction: Chicken nugget-scarfing kid zombies are the worst. In the exclusive trailer for the horror-comedy Cooties, contagious undead children quickly become enemy No. 1 at an insulated elementary school.

It’s up to the teachers, played by the likes of Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson, to take out these little, flesh-eating tykes. Don’t judge the adults when they seek to torch a thrashing pile of the pint-sized monsters.

Seeing as it is co-written by Glee scribe Ian Brennan and Saw series writer Leigh Whannell (who also appears in the film), expect a funny-scary mash-up when Cooties hits theaters and goes on demand Sept. 18.