Conway the Machine Postpones Upcoming Tour After ‘Severe Leg Injury’: ‘I Am in Good Spirits’

Fans of Conway the Machine will have to wait a little longer to see him on stage again after the Buffalo MC revealed that he is postponing his forthcoming tour due to his leg injuries.

“The results are in,” he wrote on Instagram Monday (May 22). “I have a Fractured right tibia, dislocated kneecap, ANNNNND the album of the year tho!”

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He continued: “But In all seriousness tho, anyone that knows me knows there’s nothing I love to do more than bein up on that stage! I can’t lie I’m super disappointed that I have to postpone the WHDi tour for a little bit, because I was really looking forward to goin on those stages and rocking this WHDI shit for y’all live. However I am in good spirits and I’m only looking at it as just a minor lil setback for a MAJOR COMEBACK! No stress!!”

Despite the postponement, Conway will honor fans’ tickets for future dates as he recovers from his injuries. “If u already bought tickets they’ll be honored at the later dates for sure! More updates coming this week. I appreciate all the love and concern for my well-being, love y’all,” he wrote.

Conway’s “album of the year” claim refers to his newly released project Won’t He Do It. In an interview with Billboard earlier this month, Conway spoke about the 14-track collection. “I think about all that God has blessed me with and done for me. I think about where I came from, where I started this journey, and I know I’m far from finished and far from completing my journey,” he shared. “But just looking back and seeing where I’m at now, it’s unthinkable what I’ve been doing and where this journey has taken me. It’s just amazing.”

Won’t He Do It is the predecessor to his acclaimed 2022 effort God Don’t Make Mistakes, which was deemed one of the best hip-hop projects by Billboard last year.

Check out Conway’s post below.

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