'Big Brother' debuts game-changing twist, but that's not why fans are livid

Big Brother season 21's first live eviction took place Wednesday night, and with it came an unexpected game-changing twist that has never been played in Big Brother history. For the first time ever, the evicted houseguest was not sent home and will continue living in the house as members of "Camp Comeback." Of course, there are some restrictions. Members of "Camp Comeback" can't compete in any challenges, can't participate in ceremonies and can't vote. They will also live in a separate, not-so-comfortable, room. They will, however, continue to play the Big Brother social game for a chance to earn their way back into the game and a chance to win the $500,000 prize. Also, David is back! Last week, during the second night of the season premiere, David Alexander became the first contestant to be banished from the house, by Jackson Michie. However, David's banishment resulted in social media backlash as fans took to social media calling out Big Brother for racism, since David is the only black male contestant, and the other contestants chosen by Michie was the one black female contestant, one hispanic female contestant, and the "older" gentleman. The backlash didn't stop there, though. This week, Big Brother fans have been petitioning on Change.org to have Jason Mamoa look-alike Jack Matthews kicked off the show over racist and sexist remarks he has made towards other contestants on the live feeds. Particularly, one comment he made toward Kemi Faknule, in which he said, "F***ing Kemi makes me want to f***ing stomp a mud hole right through her chest." As you could imagine, when Jack won the "Head of Household" competition at the end of the show, fans were not okay.