Contessa Metcalfe’s House Caught Fire After a Bathroom Candle Was Left Burning

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On June 14, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe revealed there had been a small fire in her home.

“OK, listen,” the Married to Medicine cast member said in an Instagram Reel. “Little PSA actually… We just came home to a fire.” In the clip, Contessa is in one of her home’s bathrooms, revealing the damage. Burn marks can be seen on the bathroom’s wall, floor, and baseboards.

Contessa goes on to explain what caused the fire. “We left a candle burning in our bathroom, and that’s the residue of the candle,” she says while showing a tiered bathroom organizer that had been moved to her front yard. “Literally, this could’ve went really, really bad. So please, I know we do it all the time, but don’t leave candles burning. Don’t do it.”

In her Instagram caption, Contessa revealed what stopped the fire. “By the grace of God [Dr. Scott Metcalfe] came home EARLY, caught it, and put it out before it spread,” she wrote.

A few hours later, Contessa posted another Instagram video of her husband working on the damaged bathroom. “Gotta get floors redone but [Dr. Scott Metcalfe] can repair everything else,” she wrote, including the hashtags “happened so fast,” “candle exploded,” and “fire.”

As Contessa urged in her first Instagram post: “Be completely safe when it comes to candles.”

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