Constance Wu Shares a Peek at Her Daughter's Purple-Themed Bedroom — Which Features Her Own Artwork

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The actress shares her two kids with boyfriend Ryan Kattner

<p>Pernille Loof</p> Constance Wu

Pernille Loof

Constance Wu

Constance Wu is giving a glimpse into her Brooklyn-based home.

In a new interview with Architectural Digest, the Hustlers actress, 41, opened up her home and gave a peek at her two kids' rooms, as well as their nursery. Wu, who partnered with West Elm to design her space, shares her son and daughter with boyfriend Ryan Kattner.

"I haven't been too precious about the kids destroying things," Wu tells the outlet. "If it was too precious then I would just be an anxious mess."

Wu's daughter's room is sweetly designed with pale purples and light pinks, complete with a few stuffed animals and a light-toned wood nightstand. The star also noted that her daughter had added her own artwork to her bedroom, hanging a drawing above her bed.

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<p>Pernille Loof</p> Constance Wu's daughter's room

Pernille Loof

Constance Wu's daughter's room

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"Listen, kids are going to get messy. And I think the more important thing is to safeguard—yes, my daughter has markers, but they’re ultra-washable markers," she shares. "I’ve accepted that it’s part of growing up, it’s part of being a kid, it’s part of experimenting, but there are definitely boundaries. I’m like, maybe instead of coloring on the sofa…we color on paper.”

Across from her daughter's bed, Wu opted for a light wood table and wooden easel, adding a wooden dollhouse on the radiator. There's also a playroom, which features a jungle-print wallpaper and a bookshelf with toys.

<p>Pernille Loof</p> Constance Wu's daughter's play area

Pernille Loof

Constance Wu's daughter's play area

When choosing a neighborhood for her family of four, the actress says that her priority was finding a family-friendly area. "I like to joke that when I lived in New York City before, I knew all the bars in the area, and now that I live here, I don't know any of the bars — but I know all of the playgrounds."

In a teaser for Danielle Robay's PRETTYSMART podcast in July, Wu revealed the exciting news that she'd welcomed a second baby as she talked about dedicating her book to her 2-year-old daughter, noting that it was written before the arrival of her son.

"Breaking news," she said to Robay. "Nobody knew I had a son."

In October, the mom of two appeared on an episode of Live with Kelly & Mark and opened up about the transition from one baby to two.

"It is exponential. It is like going from one to 20, I feel like," Wu explained. "But it’s been lovely because they’re very sweet with each other and my older kid is a girl and she’s just very naturally nurturing and really excited to be a big sister. So that’s been really nice."

<p>Pernille Loof</p> Constance Wu's kids playroom

Pernille Loof

Constance Wu's kids playroom

"And helpful — or at least, try to be helpful?" Kelly Ripa asked. "Yeah, so much," Wu responded.

"There’s a fine line between helping and ‘Oh, that’s too rough!’" Ripa said.

"Yes. Actually, one time we weren’t paying attention and she picked him up and carried him into the kitchen when he was just like, I think, a week old," Wu recalled. "Because we had him in one of those little...things. And she actually was able to pick him up. And we were like, ‘What are you…’ But then she didn’t drop him. So hey, all’s well that ends well!"

"Have you seen any differences so far between the girl and the boy, or is he too young?" Ripa asked.

"There are definitely differences but I don’t like to say that there are gender-related differences," the star said. "I think they’re just different people. I do think he is an easier baby but I think that’s also because my partner and I are less stressed, because we’ve done it before. We’re not freaking out."

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