Constance Wu Pens Scathing Reaction to Casey Affleck’s Oscar Nomination

“Fresh Off the Boat” star Constance Wu thinks Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination on Tuesday is an outrage. The actress spoke out on Twitter, inferring the Academy overlooked two separate allegations of sexual harassment filed against Affleck in 2010 to nominate his performance in “Manchester by the Sea.”

“Men who sexually harass women [for] OSCAR!” she wrote sarcastically. “[Because] good acting performance matters more than humanity, human integrity! [Because] poor kid [really] needs the help!”

The actress then posted a longer statement that she wrote during a conversation with actor Peter Shinkoda about how Affleck’s winning an Oscar would “be a nod to Trump’s.”

“Art doesn’t exist for the sake of awards, but awards DO exist to honor all that art is trying to accomplish in life,” she wrote. “So context matters. Because in acting, human life matters.”

She wrote that awards can serve to signify a group’s “awareness of the harmful oversights it may have unknowingly participated in in the past.” Not, she says, “to reinforce the industry’s gross and often hidden mistreatment of women.”

Wu has been vocal in the past about political issues, specifically of representation in Hollywood. She made headlines in July 2016 for accusing “The Great Wall” of whitewashing for casting Matt Damon the lead role.

“I’ve been counseled not to talk about this for career’s sake,” Wu wrote on Tuesday. “F my career then, I’m a woman & human first. That’s what my craft is built on.”

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