Community’s Alison Brie Shares A Refreshing Perspective On Chevy Chase Saying He Disliked Being Part Of The Show

 Chevy Chase and Alison Brie on Community.
Chevy Chase and Alison Brie on Community.
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In the years since Community ended, fans have learned some intriguing behind-the-scenes details on the beloved show by way of the cast and crew. A topic that’s become a particular point of interest has seemingly been cast member Chevy Chase’s feelings about the program. The veteran actor and comedian shared some sentiments in 2023, explaining that he didn’t enjoy the four years during which he appeared as a series regular. Since then, some of his co-stars have weighed in and, now, Alison Brie has a take on the matter that’s honestly quite refreshing.

What Did Alison Brie Say About Chevy Chase’s Community Comments?

The actress, who played the role of Annie Edison throughout Community’s six seasons, addressed her former colleague’s sentiments during an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. It was during the fan Q&A segment that she was asked for her feelings on the sentiments. She responded by sharing a lighthearted take on the matter and explaining why she’s glad that she found out about the comments in the manner that she did:

[Laughs] That happened on Marc Maron’s podcast, who I worked with on GLOW. I always listen, so I really like heard it live before I read it online. And I actually think that was the better way to digest that information. Because I could hear Chevy’s tone. I feel like I knew him well. Like, when you read it in a headline, it reads much harsher. I was kinda like, ‘Oh, it’s just Chevy being Chevy.’ And he’s entitled to his opinions and his experience of the show. I don’t take it personally.

As mentioned, Chevy Chase shared his feelings while appearing on Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF and, while his thoughts were brief, they were pointed. Chase, who portrayed Pierce Hawthorne told Maron in late 2023 that the show was “not funny enough for me” and that he felt “a little bit constrained.” As for his co-star, he recalled that “everybody had their bits” and that “they were all good.” Yet he apparently “didn’t want to be surrounded” by “those people” regularly.

These are very honest comments that one can certainly take hard, and anyone who has is certainly entitled to those feelings. However, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t appreciate how Alison Brie is choosing not to sweat it too much. She also makes a fair point in that reading such comments could definitely be tougher than actually hearing them. Many of us who regularly consume news can probably relate to that assessment as well. So kudos to Brie for looking on the bright side here and providing an astute observation.

What Have Other Community Stars Said About Chevy Chase?

Shortly after the podcast episode went live, Shirley Bennett actress Yvette Nicole Brown responded. Brown shared an article about the interview to X, quipping that “he seems nice.” When asked if she had ever spoken about her working experience with the National Lampoon alum, she said, “Never have. Probably never will.” A fan eventually contended that the headline mischaracterized the comments and, when suggesting that Brown should read it, she simply replied, “I’m good.”

Series lead actor Joel McHale got real about the comments as well. When it comes to his old co-star saying he didn’t enjoy the gig, McHale stated that his first thought was that “feeling’s mutual” in regard to his attitude. He also asserted that the actor “didn’t have to be there” if he didn’t want to. Fellow series alum Donald Glover, famous for his role as Troy Barnes, has also spoken out about his behind-the-scenes issues with Chevy Chase. Among the details that he shared was the mention that Chase apparently used racial slurs, which Glover later joked about shortly after sharing his recollections.

At present, the cast is preparing to work on the long-awaited Community movie, which will feature just about the entire ensemble, which also includes Ken Jeong, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash. During the summer of 2023, Joel McHale confirmed Donald Glover’s involvement and stated that Chevy Chase would not be involved. Considering his comments, it’s not surprising that Chase won’t be in the fold. It’s unclear as to whether his former scene partners will field questions about him as production on the film gets underway. Right now, though, we all may just want to take a moment to appreciate Alison Brie’s perspective on the matter.

All six seasons of Community are currently streamable for Hulu subscribers and anyone with a Peacock subscription.