Class action lawsuit filed by former players against NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell

According to sports business reporter Daniel Kaplan, a group of former NFL players has filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL. Specifically, the suit is against the NFL Player Disability and Survivor Benefit Plan, the NFL Player Disability and Neurocognitive Benefits Plan, and each member of the board, including Commissioner Roger Goodell.

There are no specific details about the suit, but we assume this has to do with the restrictions related to the plans and how they pay out benefits to former players. The league has come under criticism for its disability plans because of the complexity involved in making a claim and qualifying and the reduction in benefits. For the NFL Player Disability and Neurocognitive Benefits Plan, the minimum benefit of $2,625 goes up to a maximum of $4,500 per month for a period of no longer than 15 years or until the player reaches age 55.

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