Comcast Includes Existing Customers in New Xfinity Mobile ‘On Us’ Samsung Galaxy S24 Promotion

 Samsung S24 smartphone .
Samsung S24 smartphone .

It's something we haven’t been able to figure out — wireless companies are forever coming up with aggressive “on-us” deals to attract new customers, looking to lure them in with great prices on the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

Loyal existing customers, meanwhile, are often told to pay up once their hardware ages. And they often churn elsewhere to find a better deal.

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Credit Comcast with its latest “on-us” promotion, which offers the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series devices to new and existing Xfinity Mobile customers at $800 off with eligible trade-in.

Customers can also get $500 off the S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra without a trade-in.

Xfinity Mobile has grown to exceed more than 6 million service lines since its launch in 2017, with Comcast undercutting traditional wireless companies AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon in many cases on service and hardware.