Colton Underwood to Host Celebrity Pickleball Fundraiser Featuring James Marsden, Sophia Bush

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Colton Underwood has rounded up a roster of stars for an inaugural pickleball tournament in Malibu.

The Bachelor alum and his Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation are hosting Pickle! For Purpose at Pepperdine University’s Ralph-Straus Tennis Center on Sept. 30 as a fundraiser to garner support and awareness for the Targeting Emotional and Mental Stability (TEAMS) Act.

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Confirmed to paddle up are Sophia Bush, Stevan Ditter, Ronald Gladden, Colton Haynes, Harry Jowsey, James Marsden, June Diane Raphael, Geoff Stults, Michelle Wie and pro pickleball players Hurricane Tyra Black, Catherine Parenteau and Callie Jo Smith. A pro singles and doubles match will kick off the event, which will also host a team from Pepperdine. Sponsors include Amazon, American Airlines, Bumble, Skechers, Can-Am, nuuds, Just Ingredients, Health-Ade, Made by Mary, UpWest and Crumb.

Underwood, who was a student athlete before hitting the big leagues to play football in the NFL, has championed the TEAMS Act and has utilized his platform to initiate conversations aiming to destigmatize the challenges student athletes face. The piece of legislation is designed to provide programs and resources for student athletes as they navigate academic and athletic careers such as online mental health care services, in-person mental health coaching, 24/7 crisis text lines, peer-to-peer counseling and other education initiatives to address the stigma associated with mental health.

“Our foundation serves as a testament to the power of united action; a reminder that by uplifting student athletes’ well-being, we enable them to thrive authentically and realize their unique potential,” says Underwood, author of the New York Times best-seller, The First Time. “With an exhilarating tournament as our rallying point, we want to galvanize the support needed to provide the mental health resources that student athletes urgently demand. In our mission, we find not just a cause, but a transformative journey towards brighter tomorrows for our student athletes.”

Tickets are available here.

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood poses with Sarah Fuller, left, and Cailin Bracken during a trip to Washington, D.C. earlier this year.
Colton Underwood
Harry Miller, Colton Underwood, Cailin Bracken, Sarah Fuller and Byron Perkins in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the TEAMS Act earlier this year.

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