This Colorado treehouse is known for its relaxing atmosphere and incredible views

The Zen Treehouse features a fire pit, sauna, and jacuzzi for the ultimate getaway experience

Video Transcript

PETER FATIANOW: Hi, my name is Peter Fatianow, and I want to welcome you to the Zen Treehouse.


Zen Treehouse is located in Bailey, Colorado, which is less than an hour drive from the center of Denver. We call it the Zen Treehouse because you are surrounded by trees. You're looking over the trees. You're like in a forest overlooking Deer Creek Valley.

So the whole idea of this main cabin is that whether you're enjoying the living room, having a dinner or making the food back here. Everybody that's staying here can be in this area. You've got this open concept, high ceilings, all natural wood. It's a very comfortable room to congregate, to play cards, to have a meal, and to hang out.

All right, well, this area is the kitchen part of the cabin. On the coffee side of things, we have the cafe espresso maker, a drip coffee maker, everything you need to have a great morning cup of coffee. Here's our oven, it's a double oven. Glassware, tableware, cookware, everything you possibly need for you, or if you want a private chef, we can arrange that as well.

This is the dining area right here. This dining table will seat eight. We have two extra chairs here. Next is the living room. This converts over into a very nice comfortable queen bed. A lot better than any of those foldout beds that you've seen before. So a very comfortable queen bed, then we have a fireplace.

So now I want to take you out to the main deck. It's a really, really wonderful place to gather at the end of an evening. We have a fire pit. The other thing you can do, which I love doing during the day is you can sit out here along with the bar rail. The overlooks this beautiful over 180 degree view of the Valley and just enjoy a beer on a hot day.

So as we enter the main bedroom, very spacious, fireplace, the windows, its own deck. One of my favorite areas of this room is this area over here when my wife and I come up here or when friends come up and they just want to kind of get away from the main area, they just sit here glass of wine, glass of coffee and we can talk with one another in front of the fireplace.

All right, now we're going to go over the bridge. It connects the main cabin to the guest suite. So this is the guest suite. Just like the main bedroom, the bed sits here and you wake up looking out over this view right here. It's an amazing view to wake up to, and really a special part of the experience of staying up here at the Zen Treehouse.

So I do want to show you the highest point of the house above the ground. At this point, you're approximately 50 feet down. You can see this beautiful Valley and we have two acres here. You get this whole beautiful Valley all the undulating hills and mountains and just never get tired of these views.

OK, so that's the tour of the main part of the house. Now, I want to take you to one of my favorite parts of the house, the relaxation deck. This is a full-featured 42 jets six person hot tub. Our guest just love it. Relax here by the fire pit. We have a gourmet kitchen as well over here. Very high-end grill and outdoor rated fridge.

Another one of the things that people rave about is this barrel sauna. So you think that first Zen Treehouse is meant to be a relaxation home on two acres. Inside the home, you've got a lot of areas to relax in, and then we have this relaxation deck that has a lot of components. And then within all those components, you have this barrel sauna that is like the epitome of relaxation of something that you usually don't do day in and day out. So you can come in here take the bucket ladle some water over here and just forget about the world.

This is what this whole house is all about. That's coming and enjoying some amenities that you might not find in your day-to-day lives. Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Zen Treehouse. We'd love to welcome you here to this special place that we've built in Bailey, Colorado. So thank you for watching and hope to see you soon.