College student confounded by roommate’s ‘weird’ life decision: ‘I am speechless’

A college student’s roommate put her in an unusual living situation. The student’s roommate broke her foot the summer before school started. The roommate was given a medical boot to wear by the doctor. The only trouble was, the loud, clunky boot was annoying. The student went on Reddit’s "Am I the A******" forum to share the full story. "The boot is pretty annoying and my roommate keeps weird hours, so there is stomping and Velcro ripping at all hours of the night". The student asked her roommate when the boot was coming off. The roommate told the student that the boot was supposed to come off before school started, but she missed her appointment. After being convinced to finally see a doctor, the roommate was told she may need physical therapy for keeping the boot on too long. Reddit users found the roommate’s behavior to be odd