Colleen Hoover Fans React to Shocking ‘It Ends With Us’ Trailer

blake lively justin baldoni in 'it ends with us'
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Back during the pandemic, the book-obsessed side of TikTok, affectionately referred to as BookTok, became captivated with Colleen Hoover's 2016 best-selling emotional romance novel It Ends With Us. So when it was announced last year that Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni would be starring in the movie adaptation, fans could hardly wait. And now that the first official trailer has just dropped (see above!), eager readers have a lot to say.

The book, which is loosely based on the relationship between Colleen's own parents, follows Lily Bloom (Blake), who overcomes growing up through an abusive childhood only to see similar patterns reemerge later during her adult life when she falls in love with successful neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid.

When the first few photos of filming emerged last year, fans were less than pleased — comments about casting, styling choices and more were circulating the Internet, leaving many to question if the book they so loved would fall flat on film. But after Sony dropped the first trailer (and a release date of August 9!), it would seem the naysayers are pulling back on their doubt — at least judging off the comments under it on YouTube.

"I'M LITERALLY CRYING. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD AND SO TRUE TO THE BOOKS. HOW COULD ANYONE HAVE DOUBTED BLAKE AS LILY OR JUSTIN AS RYLE? They are so perfect for their respective role. I’m already in tears. FREAKING CANT WAIT," one person wrote on YouTube. "[I] didn't expect to LOVE this!" another said. "This looks way better than I was expecting. The flower shop is exactly what I envisioned. [I'm' still not sold on the guy playing Atlas, but that's okay!" someone else chimed in. A different person commented, " I AM BLOWN AWAY...BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG..I LOVE THE BOOK...CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE 🥹 😭".

Alongside Blake and Justin, the latter of who is the director and producer through his company Wayfarer Studios, the cast features 1923's Brandon Sklenar, Jenny Slate and Hasan Minhaj.

Although with the trailer it was announced the film's release date would be August 9, this comes on the heels of two previous release delays, so there could be a chance it gets pushed a third time. It's set to exclusively be in theaters for just one day, and then will most likely move to a streaming service. Reports say it's probably going to be on Netflix sometime by late November or December, given Sony's partnership with the streaming platform.

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