Colbert on Trump Having Foreign Nuclear Secrets: They’re Safe at ‘Mar-a-Lago Waffle Bar Between the Syrup and the Nutella Bucket’ (Video)

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Late night hosts far and wide tackled the latest news out of the Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI search on Wednesday night — that the ex-president may have had classified documents about another country’s nuclear secrets at his Florida home. “The Late Show’s” Stephen Colbert, in particular, addressed the topic, opening his monologue with an address to the unknown country’s head of state.

“How’s everybody doing? Doesn’t matter — the former president had stolen nuclear secrets at his country club, because we just learned that among the classified documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a- Lago was material on a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities,” the CBS late night host began, setting up his series of jokes. “So this time the ex-president wasn’t just betraying our country, he brought in another country for a ménage à treason.”

“How do you explain this to our allies!?” Colbert continued, seemingly exasperated by the latest news about the former president, who he doesn’t name on his show.

Colbert then leaned into the camera to address a foreign leader, saying, “‘Don’t worry, Prime Minister your country’s nuclear secrets are perfectly safe, stored at the Mar-a-Lago waffle bar, between the syrup and the Nutella bucket.”

Watch the whole monologue at the link above. He also had some jokes about President Joe Biden related to the portrait unveiling of former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

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