Colbert Pins George Santos for His Mounting Lies: ‘So Many Aliases He Had to Swear In on 2 Bibles and a Torah’ (Video)

While embattled George Santos’ political career continues to come apart at the seams, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took the time Wednesday to poke fun at the New York congressman’s various aliases among the mounting lies.

For the one: the question of Santos’ campaign funding.

“Santos has a long history of stretching the truth – by never telling it,” Colbert said. “Now in a new complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission, Santos has been accused of extensive lies about his campaign finances. Well, that’s so disappointing. I would expect more from the man who invented the automobile and named it after his daughter, Mercedes.”

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While Santos claimed that he loaned $705,000 to his own election campaign (which successfully had him securing the House seat for New York’s 3rd congressional district late last year), 2020 records indicate that he only had $55,000 to his name.

“Fair enough, but what about all of his other names?” Colbert quipped.

Breaking down how Santos has a history of going by other aliases, including names Anthony Zabrovsky and Anthony Devolder, Colbert joked that his swearing in earlier this month looked particularly chaotic.

“He has so many aliases he had to swear in on two Bibles and a Torah,” the “Late Show” host said.

Colbert continued the portion of his monologue by saying that “the walls appear to be closing in” on Santos, and that the politician insisting to members of the D.C. press that he’s not going to resign “means he’s gonna resign.”

Watch the full “Late Show” clip in the video above.

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