Colbert and Corden Made the Same ‘Cat Lawyer’ Joke About Trump’s Impeachment Defense (Videos)

Everyone’s got jokes about that viral video of the “cat lawyer” on Zoom. On CBS, everyone (OK, so late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and James Corden) had the same joke.

Colbert’s monologue-video is titled “Even The Cat Lawyer Would Be A Better Impeachment Advocate Than Bruce Castor.”

Corden’s monologue-video is titled “Does Trump Need the Cat Lawyer?”

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We’ll go through CBS’ late-night in chronological order. First up at 11:35 p.m., on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the “Colbert Report” alum took a few minutes of general Trump-lawyer bashing before he got to the feline fun.

“The impeachment, strangely, is actually the second-biggest legal story of the past 24 hours,” Colbert set up. “Because yesterday, this footage went viral of a Texas court hearing, where one of the lawyers got stuck behind a Zoom filter. See if you can guess which one.”

Roll footage.

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“As awkward as this was, this may be the only way to improve the ex-president’s impeachment defense,” Colbert said.

He then tried photoshopping the cat filter over Bruce Castor’s head and rolled a snippet of the Trump attorney’s opening remarks.

“Nah, he still sucks,” Colbert quipped.

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An hour later, Corden opened his show going right for the “cat lawyer.”

“Everybody’s talking about everybody’s big legal proceedings,” he started. “I’m talking, of course, about the Texas lawyer who showed up to a Zoom hearing with a cat filter.”

“It’s, honestly– it’s best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet,” Corden continued.

Corden thinks the whole thing should be a Disney+ movie.

“This has to have already been optioned,” he said.

The “Late Late Show” host and bandleader Reggie Watts then batted around some potential movie titles.

We’re obviously not accusing anyone of joke theft, it is simply like-minded comedy writing. After all, the bridge from setup to punchline was Right. There.

Watch Colbert’s take via the video above. Corden’s is here:

Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers didn’t bring up the viral video, but Jimmy Fallon did — just in a different context than the CBS competition.

Fallon’s monologue is below.

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