Cody Rhodes Talks About What It Means To Be Part Of His First WarGames Match

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Cody Rhodes might be stepping into his first WarGames match, but he’s had a million of them in his mind.

WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes was a recent guest on Gabby AF. When asked about competing in his first ever WarGames match at Survivor Series, The American Nightmare had plenty to say.

“It’s my first real WarGames, but I’ve had a million WarGames matches in my head,” Cody Rhodes said. “In the car, when we were going over teams, who would be on my team? And there was a moment after he [Adam Pearce] said the words, we’re all looking tough and mean muggin’ and staring at each other and half blown up, and then I couldn’t help but smile. I really couldn’t.

“This run from WrestleMania when I came back in Dallas to right now has been just — I don’t know the word to describe it. But I don’t even want to say the word because I don’t want to jinx it. I don’t want it to end. Every week is more signs in the crowd, more noise, more this, more that. And I just grew up wanting that, and going into the WarGames, I’m such an old-school fan of it.

Cody Rhodes’ father created WarGames; Triple H modernized it

“Dad drew it on a cocktail napkin, and then they gave it to the guy. And it really all stemmed from the fact that they just wanted to lower the cage because they were tired of waiting 30 minutes at these house shows for the local crew to set the cage up and then not even sure if they got it right, and then WarGames happens.

“I have to look at some of the modern WarGames as well because Triple H brought WarGames back and took it from Dusty, and then he put his own spin on it without the roof and with the cages on the outside for the teams. He put his own spin on it.

“So I don’t want to be the guy who’s going in with all the old school we’re going to run the ball right up the middle when it’s actually a passing and play action type game. So I’m gonna look at both because it’s fun that it’s a combination of what Dusty created, what him and the Four Horsemen made iconic, but also what Triple H turned and tweaked to keep it in the modern wrestling canon.”

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What do you make of Cody Rhodes’ comments? Are you looking forward to him competing in a WarGames match at Survivor Series? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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