Cody Rhodes Names Post-WrestleMania Opponents He’d Like To Face

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Cody Rhodes has a huge mountain to climb at WrestleMania. Should he reach its peak and defeat Roman Reigns, he has his sights set on three opponents he’d like to face after.

Appearing on The AJ Awesome Show, “The American Nightmare” was asked who he wants to compete against in a post-WrestleMania environment. Rhodes prefaced his answer by saying he didn’t want “look past” the dominance that Roman Reigns has established in his run as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. For the sake of the question, though, Rhodes named GUNTHER, Edge, and Johnny Gargano as his top three.

Rhodes commended GUNTHER’s record-breaking performance in the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble, which saw him and Intercontinental Champion battle it out in the final two. However, Rhodes hopes he meets the “special” superstar again sometime.

Regarding Johnny Gargano, Cody Rhodes expressed his interest in seeing how their respective ring styles would clash. “When I was with my former company, I always remembered kind of going head-to-head with him on Wednesdays. When I say that, out of respect, you had to oppose him with something strong because he delivers, and he’s a wrestler’s wrestler,” Rhodes said. “He’s someone that we’ve never had that singles [match], and I’d love to have that with him, just to see where I’m at, see where he’s at. Very curious, different styles.”

Lastly, Rhodes revealed his hope for a contest with Edge before his eventual retirement. “I don’t know how much time Edge has left. He could do this forever if he wanted to. He’s in better shape than every locker room combined for some reason.”

Rhodes touted Edge as a “really good locker room leader” during his first run in WWE, but back then, Rhodes was just a “kid” in his 20s. “Those people who look at you as a kid, you want to one day stand opposed and let them know you’re not a kid anymore,” Rhodes said. “Lately we’ve been on the right side of things, for example with The Judgment Day and stuff, but he’s still one I’d love to just test it out, shake his hand and then find out who’s better at the actual wrestling that we do.”

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