Cody Rhodes On Gunther: We’re Probably Destined To Clash At Some Point

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Cody Rhodes knows there’s money in a future feud with Gunther in WWE.

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes recently participated in a Twitter Spaces Call. When asked who impresses him on the roster right now, The American Nightmare took time to heap some praise on former Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

“So I’ll go ahead and say that Gunther is just out in the ether, and I do think that he and I are probably destined to clash at some point,” Cody Rhodes teased. “That’s something I really look forward to because here’s why, and this is maybe a little inside baseball. Gunther is somebody that is really popular with the most hardcore wrestling fan.

“And there are definitely a bazillion different pockets of fandom. But the hardcore fans who are always with it, ups and downs, ebbs and flows. I always like testing myself against individuals like that because I don’t want people to ever think in this, ‘Oh, he’s the champion. Oh, he’s becoming the face of the brand. Oh, it’s the song, and it’s the entrance, and it’s the pyro.’

“I don’t want them to forget that I love actually wrestling. I love slugging it out; I really do. And he’s somebody just in the brief time we touched in the Royal Rumble, that I got a sense this could be a major opponent for me at some point down the road.”

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What do you make of Cody Rhodes’ overall comments? Would you like to see a future feud between Rhodes and Gunther? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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