Coco Jones joins Ari Lennox in auditioning for possible 'The Princess and the Frog' live-action remake

Ari Lennox, Anika Noni Rose, and Coco Jones
Ari Lennox, Anika Noni Rose, and Coco Jones

As fans of Disney’s 2009 animation The Princess and the Frog continue to wait for word that the entertainment studio will turn the film into a live-action movie, auditions for the lead role, Princess Tiana, continue to pour in.

Last night (March 22), R&B singer Coco Jones took a stab at the part by singing the lyrics to the film’s song “Almost There,” but with a twist. The 25-year-old artist posted a clip of herself on social media reciting the track while cooking eggs.

A little season here and a little salt there. The kitchen audition was well-played on Jones’ part, as the iconic Disney princess was a waitress with dreams of opening up her restaurant for most of the animation.


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The day prior, fellow singer Ari Lennox also shared her interest in portraying Tiana. The 31-year-old artist introduced herself and morphed into character saying Tiana’s introduction lines, “Mama, I don’t have time for dancing” before transitioning into her take on “Almost There.” Lennox also informed Disney that, if given a chance, she would “love an opportunity to audition for [the] [role] in person.”

In 2009, actress and singer Anika Noni Rose voiced the character of Tiana and the  movie’s track. She became Disney’s first Black princess. Two years later, Rose was named a Disney legend. While the entertainment studio has remained tight-lipped about any thoughts of a remake, fans have witnessed their fair share of singers who are more than qualified to take on the iconic part.

Lennox and Jones both have backgrounds in acting and can move a crowd with their soulful singing. One user had a bright suggestion as videos of the two artists began circulating on Twitter. What if Tiana’s character was turned into a twin? Could you see it happening? 

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