'Cocaine Bear' director Elizabeth Banks reveals the violent scene she cut from the movie so people wouldn't leave the theater 'freaking out'

Kristofer Hivju wearing glasses and a red headband on the ground with his mouth open
Kristofer Hivju in "Cocaine Bear."Universal
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  • Warning: Spoilers below if you haven't seen "Cocaine Bear."

  • "Cocaine Bear" director Elizabeth Banks told Insider she cut out one death scene in the movie.

  • "I felt by then the point had been made of what's happening," she said of a scene at the end of the movie.

"Cocaine Bear" director Elizabeth Banks has created an outlandish horror comedy in the fictional telling of what occurred in 1985 when a 175-pound black bear came across pounds of cocaine. Yes, that really happened.

But even she had to draw a line somewhere when it came to the movie's blood-soaked death scenes.

"I did pull out some gore toward the end," Banks told Insider.

Keri Russell on one side of a tree with a bear on another
Keri Russell in "Cocaine Bear."Universal

"Game of Thrones" actor Kristofer Hivju stars as a hiker who becomes one of the bear's victims towards the end of the movie, but we only see his dead body.

"We show an amazing prosthetic of his ripped-off face that's the aftermath of an attack with the bear," Banks said. "We also filmed his death, but I took it out."

The fast-paced 90-minute movie follows the bear high on cocaine and completely tearing apart anyone in its path as it continues its search for more of the drug.

At the start of the movie, Hivju's hiker character is with a female companion (played by Hannah Hoekstra), but she's quickly mauled to death by the bear.

He then appears again towards the end of the movie as he helps Keri Russell's character find her daughter (Brooklynn Prince). But soon after that encounter, the hiker's dead body is found.

Elizabeth Banks in a back dress with his hand on her hip
"Cocaine Bear" director Elizabeth Banks.Michael Tran/AFP/Getty

"I felt by then the point had been made of what's happening," Banks said of why she didn't keep in the death scene. "I wanted the audience to be a little more on the emotional ride of the third act. It's coming to a close, and I wanted people to leave happy and not be freaking out and wanting to throw up."

And don't worry horror fans, there's more than enough gore in the movie. From the bear's wild encounter with an ambulance to it snorting a line of cocaine off a severed leg, get ready for stomach-turning sights.

"Cocaine Bear" is currently playing in theaters.

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