'Cobra Kai' stars reveal the 'Karate Kid' lines they just can't escape

You can’t keep an 80s classic down, which is why it’s no surprise that fans have eagerly embraced Cobra Kai, the YouTube Red series that picks up three-plus decades after 1984’s The Karate Kid to follow the adult travails of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and his martial-arts nemesis Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Having already been renewed for a second season set to premiere in 2019, the 10-episode effort has proven to be a triumphant throwback and that’s no surprise, given how often its stars have, over the past 34 years, been bombarded with quotes from the original film.

During a visit to Yahoo Entertainment, Macchio, Zabka, and Martin Cove (who played villainous Cobra Kai coach Kreese) admitted that they’re constantly approached by people who want to recite dialogue from The Karate Kid. Unfortunately for Macchio, though, they’re rarely his lines. “It’s not as cool as the Cobra Kai things,” he confesses while telling us that he hears “wax on, wax off” far less frequently than “sweep the leg” or “get him a body bag.” The good news? Macchio says no one has ever tried to pick an actual karate fight with him offscreen, which isn’t true for Cove, who recounts an amusing supermarket encounter with a young child who didn’t take kindly to Kreese ordering Johnny to hurt Daniel.

To hear more of the trio’s thoughts about the new series, check out our entire video chat with them above. Cobra Kai is currently streaming on YouTube Red.

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