CNN reports that witches are offended by Trump's 'disgraceful' use of the term 'witch hunt'

Kyle Moss

On the CNN show Erin Burnett OutFront, reporter Jeanne Moos said that some people who practice various forms of witchcraft are offended by President Donald Trump’s frequent use of the term “witch hunt.”

Moos pointed out that witches tend to side with liberals, and she spoke with people like David Salisbury, author and member of the Wicca religion. He said the use of witch hunt is “really disgraceful” because of historic events like the Salem Witch Trials, where 19 supposed witches were hanged.

Moos, who generally covers unusual and offbeat news stories, also spoke with a practicing witch named Amanda Yates Garcia, who said Trump’s usage of the word is very “low on the list of priorities” for most witches given the amount of offensive things he says.

People on Twitter have been going after CNN for airing the story, with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee even chiming in.

Fox News also covered the angle when host Jesse Watters talked to his go-to witch Dakota Bracciale about the story.

Bracciale said he isn’t necessarily offended by it, but called Trump’s use of the term a form of “gaslighting.” Watters said it reminds him of Hillary Clinton famously using the phrase “vast right wing conspiracy” back in 1998.

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