What the Cluck? Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Change Name, Go Boneless

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In news that’ll have you saying, “What the cluck?” the veteran rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are partnering with Buffalo Wild Wings, changing their name, and going Boneless.

Reportedly, Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony made the switch after sampling BWW’s new wing recipe. This applies to their individual aliases as well, so that the group is now populated by the likes of Krayzie Boneless, Flesh-N-Boneless, and Wish Boneless. But not everyone is ready for this new, more flaccid direction. Layzie Bone is apparently against the re-christening, which has placed him in a totally real and not-at-all-scripted conflict with his fellow MCs.

A new Behind the Music-style documentary has captured the group’s turmoil. Layzie is repeatedly heard saying, “I ain’t changing shit.” At one point, as the narration has it, “the group extended a sauce-covered olive branch to Layzie.” Will the rappers be able to overcome their differences in order to wring more money out of this shtick? Find out in the video below.

Like Lebron or Kobe switching their jersey numbers, this mid-career alteration is a great opportunity to sell merch. Head on over to BonelessThugs.com for limited edition shirts, hats, and bling.

Editors' Picks

All jokes aside, we here at Consequence of Sound are not opposed to artists getting paid. Far from it! In fact, we have a number of suggestions for other business models these great artists can sponsor.

Instead of selling boneless chicken, have they considered:

Bone More Thugs-N-Harmony: A service for thugs seeking thugs.
Stoned Thugs-N-Harmony: Available in Colorado, California, and other participating locations.
Drone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thuggish, ruggish, military-industrial complex.
Own Thugs-N-Harmony: More of a rental, but still a great way to connect with the group.
Bone Drugs-N-Pharmacy: Don’t step inside wearing CVS colors.

The artists formerly known as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are currently out on tour, and you can get tickets here.

What the Cluck? Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Change Name, Go Boneless

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