Close Encounters of the Scary Kind in 'Extraterrestrial' Trailer

Adam Pockross
·Content Producer

You know what’s a good rule to live by? How ‘bout this: Do not engage extraterrestrials. It seems like a simple credo, yet apparently not simple enough for the folks in The Vicious Brothers' new movie, Extraterrestrial, which you can get a spooky taste for in our exclusive trailer premiere above.

When a group of friends heads to the woods for some good clean revelry and romance, their R&R is rudely interrupted by a fallen UFO. Upon further inspection, the friends identify the object as an alien spacecraft. Unfortunately though, these aren’t the friendly ET kind of aliens. Fortunately though, they meet up with Michael Ironside, who knows a thing or two about engaging with unruly aliens.   

Extraterrestrial crash lands in theaters in limited release on November 21.