Clix Launches Guide To Find Streaming Programming

 Clix logo.
Clix logo.

Clix, a technology company aiming to help viewers find streaming shows to watch, has added senior staffers and launched a new streaming guide.

The Clix mobile app uses artificial intelligence and expert recommendations and a database filled with 70 years’ worth of movie history to find viewer preferences among what it estimates are dozens of devices, 200 streaming services and 817,000 programs.

Clix incorporates a reward system to encourage usage and links users directly to popular platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Max, Paramount Plus and Peacock. Nonsubscribers to those services are offered a link to sign up when they have something a viewer might want to watch.

“It’s bedlam for consumers,” Clix chief marketing officer Stacy Jolna said. “The antidote: a free, tech-driven, guide supported by a multi-revenue business on a single platform. We integrate AI/machine learning, a vast database of 70 years of movies and series, dynamic recommendation carousels of popular show themes and streaming stars, as well as staff-generated suggested Top5 ClixPix — all working in sync to recommend what’s buzzworthy, critically acclaimed and just for you.”

Clix recently added Jim Anderson as chief innovation officer and Hassan Wharton-Ail as chief product officer. Anderson was chief architect at Spotify.

Wharton-Ali is the founder and principal of LA Labs and held senior product positions at Hulu, Discovery Channel and Universal Music Group.

“Consumer tastes and behavior are ever-changing. And Clix technology will stay a step ahead,” said Wharton-Ali, inventor of the Clix guidance carousels.

Program discovery has been a continuing issue as streaming platforms have proliferated.

Clix points to a study by SmithGeiger Group indicating that 67% of viewers get frustrated trying to discover what to watch next.

The survey also found that 59% of viewers across America are looking for a better way to discover which streaming shows they might enjoy watching.