Clint Eastwood’s Reaction to His Former Mistress’ Death Shows How Strong Their Connection Was

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Losing someone, whether they’re a close family member or not, can be very painful. For Clint Eastwood, who just recently lost his former mistress and the mother of his daughter Kimber, Roxanne Tunis, the loss has reportedly hit him hard.

“[Roxanne’s death] was very emotional and more emotional than he ever expected,” a source told Daily Mail following the announcement of Tunis’ passing. Per the statement, Tunis passed away at age 93 “after a brief illness.”

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Per the source, Eastwood’s grief over Tunis has extended far beyond their relationship and made him question his whole life too. “Her loss not only gutted him but also made him think more about his mortality, which he never does,” the source said of the 93-year-old actor.

“Clint loves living life,” the source continued. “He loves being around, but when Roxanne passed, he started feeling things he wasn’t used to. Clint is a storyteller, and that is how he lives his life. With Roxanne’s passing, it really taught Clint many things he never thought were possible.”

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Given his latest reflections, Eastwood has reportedly made some changes to his outlook on life. “He is now cherishing moments a lot more since her passing,” the source added. “He now knows some things in life can happen that he can’t change but he can certainly learn from them.”

Eastwood and Tunis began their not-so-hidden affair after they met on the set of the television Rawhide in 1959, RadarOnline reports. At the time, Eastwood was still married to his first wife and college sweetheart Maggie Johnson.

Maggie Johnson & Clint Eastwood, Roxanne Tunis
Maggie Johnson & Clint Eastwood in 1959, Roxanne Tunis in 1955

“On the set, they were very open about the fact they were lovers,” a source told RadarOnline of Eastwood and Tunis’ relationship. “After Clint would finish a scene, he’d amble over to Roxanne and stroll around the set with his arm affectionately around her.”

Per the source, Eastwood’s affair with Tunis led to a brief separation from Johnson but the two quickly reconciled. Despite patching things up, however, the Oscar winner continued his relationship with Tunis for a reported 14 years.

“Roxanne was one of Clint’s true loves,” the source added of their strong bond over the years. “He maintained a healthy relationship with Roxanne until the end, and is devastated by the loss and for his daughter Kimber.”

Our hearts go out to Eastwood and Tunis’ family at this time.

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