Clever Dog's Newspaper Trick Is Rewarded With Treat

A Brisbane-based dog trainer has noticed that her own pet pooch uses a trick involving the daily newspaper to grab more treats.

Sophie Poole, who runs Tricky Dog Training in Brisbane, shared footage of her prized dog Edie to TikTok on August 24, showcasing the trick.

Poole told Storyful that Edie is a rescue dog that “had a tough start to life” and was on “death row”, as she put it, when she first met her. However, Edie has certainly settled into life at her owner’s home, having figured out that every time she brings the daily paper to the door, she gets a treat.

In a post that had over 620,000 views at the time of writing, Poole noted that, having received a treat for bringing the paper to the door the first time, five-year-old Edie has taken to grabbing the newspaper if it’s just lying around the home.

She then places herself at the front door as if the paper was brand new, and happily accepts a treat from her adoring owner. In the TikTok post, Poole said she hid behind a chair to catch Edie out on camera.

“She started doing it for the past year or so but she makes sure she does it for different members of the family so no one knows who has given her a treat,” Poole said. Credit: trickyedie via Storyful