Cletus Is a Different Looking Dog with an Unusually Large Heart

Cletus Is a Different Looking Dog with an Unusually Large Heart

Two-year-old Cletus was found shuffling around the streets of Los Angeles and was taken to a city shelter. No one is sure where this little dog’s journey first started, but the new chapter of his life began at Best Friends Animal Society.

Cletus was transferred to the animal organization’s no-kill shelter in L.A., where staff members marveled at the pup’s unique traits: a crooked nose, an endearing overbite, a maw full of over-lapping teeth. Everything about this dog was unique.

While Cletus’ unusual look instantly attracted admirers, it also included down sides. The staff at Best Friends discovered that many of the dog’s joints are fused together, causing his signature gait. Plus, he was suffering from a few other health problems.

But it was nothing a courageous attitude and a little TLC couldn’t handle. With help from Best Friends, Cletus beat his respiratory infection, gained weight and let his doggie spirit shine. Of course, this spirit needed accessories. Once Cletus was healthier, his rescuers started dressing him in sweaters that helped him use his muscles, reduced the hump in his back, and generally made him look pretty fly for a formerly emaciated street dog.

Dressed to the nines and feeling better than ever, Cletus had no problem landing a forever family that adores him and understands his needs. His pet parents Mark Enrietto and Summer Esslinger think the pup is the perfect fit and have been more than happy to keep building the tiny dog’s big wardrobe, which you can keep tabs on through Instagram.


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