Claudia Oshry of 'The Morning Breath' makes it on Kim's lover list for Valentine's Day

Claudia Oshry of 'The Morning Breath' makes it on Kim's lover list for Valentine's Day

Kim Kardashian West’s bad side is not the place you want to be, especially on Valentine’s Day. The beauty and fragrance mogul seized the opportunity to throw some love — and some shade — during the launch of her Kimoji Hearts this week.

The mama of three took to her Instagram on Thursday afternoon to tease her fragrance packages going out to all her BFF’s, Ride or Die’s and Bae’s, also the titles for the three new flirty scents.

Organized by blue, purple and orange Post-its, Kardashian West left little to interpretation when coordinating which fragrance her friends and foes will receive. It doesn’t take a Stabler or a Benson to know that you don’t want to find yourself in a column with Taylor Swift.

The Morning Breath’s Jackie and Claudia Oshry were eager to dissect the celeb list, which included some feuds from years past. “This is what I love about Kim, she forgets nothing,” says Claudia. “Some of this shade literally goes back decades.”

Keeping Swift company in the cynic column were Rob Kardashian’s baby mama, Blac Chyna, social media critics Piers Morgan and Bette Middler, Naya Rivera, and even Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“Sarah Michelle Gellar came for Kim on Twitter when Kim was on the cover of Vogue saying that she was unsubscribing from Vogue years ago. Kim never forgets,” asserts Claudia.

Chloë Grace Moretz, Naya Rivera, Janice Dickinson, P!nk, Wendy Williams, Chelsea Handler and Sharon Osbourne also infiltrated the exclusive unworthiness. Moretz, an open cynic about Kardashian’s form of feminism responded to a sultry Instagram post of Kardashian’s with, “We shouldn’t be using our bodies to promote feminism.”

In turn, the young actress will soon have a blue chocolate heart waiting in her mailbox signed by the mogul herself.

Not on the detestable hater list, however, is The Morning Breath’s own Claudia Oshry, who graciously and enthusiastically accepted a purple heart, à la Morning Breath colors, with the Ride or Die fragrance inside.

In response, Claudia leaves Kim with her own love note.

“I love you so much, anytime someone says something mean about you, I always defend you. Because honestly I just feel like it’s not fair that everyone’s always calling you antifeminist. Like b*tch, you are a boss. You have so much more money than all your sisters. And you and your sisters are like six females running a company and nobody gives you credit for being the feminist boss that you are,” gushes the co-host.

“And just because Gloria Steinem wouldn’t consider you a feminist, doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist. I think it makes you even more of a feminist and I’ve f***ing loved you since I was 11 and I just love your whole family and thank you for bringing me the joy that you do. I love you.”