Claudia Oshry of 'The Morning Breath' does a better Fergie national anthem than Fergie

Is it just us or was Fergie channeling Sonja Morgan during her “Caburlesque” rendition of the national anthem during Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game?

Elongated syllables, low harmonics, and extra high pitches were just a few of the elements that made Fergie’s cabaret-inspired song practically impossible to listen to just minutes before the annual NBA All-Star Game commenced.

Looking back on the cringeworthy performance, The Morning Breaths Claudia and Jackie Oshry couldn’t help but believe Real Housewives of New York City’s own Sonja Morgan was the inspiration behind the 42-year-old’s awkward three-minute serenade.

“She was giving me such Sonja Morgan vibes,” admits Jackie.

With players visibly sneering and celebs like Jimmy Kimmel and Chance the Rapper refraining from cringing on the live Jumbotron, the former Black Eyed Peas singer took a generous amount of creative liberties during her very interesting approach to the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Granted, the NBA should have known what it was getting itself into when asking the rebellious risk-taker to perform America’s iconic ballad.

The idiosyncratic choice “was just as bizarre if they asked Sonja Morgan to perform the national anthem,” laughs Jackie, adding, “[Fergie] doesn’t have a national anthem voice.”

While it’s not too insurmountable to pull off a better performance than say, Fergie, TMB’s Claudia Oshry stunned viewers with her own rendition of the beloved anthem on Tuesday’s show — aka Claudia channeled Fergie who was channeling Sonja Morgan who was channeling a normal national anthem presentation.

Granting the pop star’s effort some applause, Claudia says, “I respect Fergie for this artistic leap.”