Was Claire Really Trapped On Y&R? Does Cole Know The Truth?

Do Cole and Claire know something Victor doesn't?
Do Cole and Claire know something Victor doesn't?

On The Young and the Restless, Claire is back home. Cole even told Victor that he loves both Claire and Victoria on the Tuesday, May 7 episode, so it seems like she will have her family around for a bit. Of course, there are still several questions about what happened when Claire was gone. Usually, when something happens on the show, which prompts the internet to go into a tizzy discussing it, it’s a good thing. Even when fans aren’t happy with a particular twist, at least they’re talking about it. It’s one thing when viewers love something. It’s another when they hate it. But what we’ve got right now is the worst of both worlds: We’re just confused. Here’s why.

Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Cole (J. Eddie Peck) were totes worried about the missing Claire (Hayley Erin). Summer (Allison Lanier) was convinced she’d schemed with Jordan (Colleen Zenk) to kidnap Harrison (Redding Munsell). Victor (Eric Braeden) was equally as certain that his newfound granddaughter was as innocent as the driven snow. Because both are terrible judges of character, Victoria and Cole didn’t know what to think, so they just fretted.

Hello, Hello, What Have We Here?

But then, the exes randomly found a doll in the closet. Cole said it reminded him of dolls his mother used to have. So he gave it a body cavity search. And found a key. Victoria recognized it as a key to a local storage unit. (Because that’s the kind of info the CEO of Newman Enterprises just happens to have handy.) They took it to said local storage unit, found the right unit and stumbled right upon Claire. And a dead body.

Claire trapped on The Young and the Restless.
Claire trapped on The Young and the Restless.

Listen Closely

Here is where things got really confusing. Claire said the dead woman in there with her was Jordan’s accomplice. Who was she? Where did she come from? What did she do? Why is she dead? Claire also said that the woman was inconsiderate enough to die on top of her, so Claire was trapped. She couldn’t move her. She was too heavy.

Um…we saw a pretty regular-sized dead dummy, er, body. This wasn’t a baby elephant or a grand piano. Claire couldn’t shove her? Claire couldn’t kick her legs up? Claire couldn’t scootch out from under her? Claire couldn’t wriggle loose?

We have no idea what exactly happened, how it happened, or why it happened. Sure, everybody online is talking about it. But not in anything resembling a good way. Is this all there was to the whole thing? Or will we soon find out that Claire…or even Cole…is still hiding something? Wouldn’t Victor be onto it if that was the case, he sure didn’t seem to suspect anything today?

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