‘Claim To Fame’s Winner Is Using Their Prize Money To Go To Disney World

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Photo credit: John Fleenor - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Fleenor - Getty Images

On July 11, ABC's new reality show Claim To Fame, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, made its way to screens, and fans have found themselves fully invested in all the drama.

The show began with twelve contestants, each one related to a celebrity. The point of the show is to figure out who the boldface name is in everyone's family tree.

The clue wall in their mansion holds objects that hint at each hidden celebrity relationship, and it had fans making their own guesses in real-time, along with the rest of the cast.

So far, the season's shocking reveals have had the internet working overtime to figure out all the matches. People have thrown around celebs such as Miley Cyrus, Tom Holland, Prince, Loni Love, and more. But there are still a few question marks to solve now that the season is approaching the finale.

And if you've found yourself reading this article, that probably means you're here for some spoilers. Lucky for you, many of the contestants have already been revealed.

During the second half of the two-night finale on September 6, LC, Logan and Pepper went head to head as they competed for the $100,000 grand prize.

But in the end, fan fave LC ended up victorious.

Here's everything to know:

Spoilers ahead! Don't read past this point unless you want to see all 12 matchups.

How does the show work?

Twelve contestants share clues that hint at their celebrity relative. The only twist is that some of those "clues" are actually lies to throw off the other players. The overall goal is to be the last one keeping their relative's identity a secret without being figured out.

The contestants complete a series of challenges every week. The winner of each challenge will be exempt from being identified, and the bottom two will have to wait while the house determines which of them will be selected as the "guesser." The guesser must select another member of the house and correctly guess their celebrity relative.

If they're correct, the person matched with their celebrity will be sent home. But if they're wrong, the guesser's celebrity connection will be revealed, and they'll be sent home. The winner will receive a $100,000 prize.

Who won 'Claim To Fame'?

L.C. also known as Loreal Palmer, won, and since, she's been revealed as Keke Palmer's older sister.

And there was speculation about it all season: For starters, Reddit users believe the editing cuts hints at her win.

"This might come out of nowhere, and I don't know if anyone would care about it, but I'm a big Survivor fan, and I really enjoy edit analysis," one user wrote, according to Newsweek. "I just discovered the show today, and I just watched all five episodes back to back. I think L.C. is getting a winners edit, and Logan is the Fallen Angel (a really good player that the winner has to overcome)."

There's also the fact that L.C. was the only person sticking to their strategy. "From what we've seen, L.C. is the only one who actively tried to make people think her celebrity relative is someone else, which is working," wrote another user, per Newsweek.

L.C.'s famous relative (and her claim to fame), Keke Palmer, also shared her feelings about her sister's progress on the show. "I'm living for her being on Claim To Fame, I mean she is giving her all. I'm so proud of her," Keke told ET. "You know, everybody in my family is a real character, and obviously she's my older sister, so a lot of what you see and know of as me, I got from her. So I'm very excited."

After Jasmine, a.k.a. Kai, got eliminated, she said she wanted L.C. to win it all. "L.C. is my girl. She is the whole package and has all the tools to win this game. So of course I want her to win the whole thing and I am rooting for her," she told Newsweek. "It was a real joy to have met and played this crazy game with her."

Who was guessed during the season?

Week 8 was a big opportunity for the remaining contestants to earn new clues. Similar to week 7, there was no immunity for the challenge winner.

L.C. beat Pepper for first place and earned several "second-degree" clues about the other co-stars.

The house was stumped on everyone's identity, except for Louise's celeb relation (everyone already knew she was Simone Biles' sister). Logan and Louise found themselves in the bottom two and tried to make a case for why they should be the guesser. Unfortunately, Logan's alliance with Pepper and L.C. outnumbered a vote to make Louise the guesser.

Luckily, things ended on a light note. The cast playfully joked around while correctly guessing that Louise, a.k.a. Adria, was Simone Biles' sister. However, Lark wasn't super happy because she felt blindsided by L.C.'s decision to vote for Logan as guesser.

Here’s a list of who has been eliminated so far:

  • Adria ("Louise"), Simone Biles sister

  • Amara, Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter

  • Jasmine ("Kai"), Tiffany Haddish's sister

  • Dominique, Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter

  • Brittany, Brett Favre’s daughter

  • Lark, Cindy Crawford's niece

  • Logan, Jason Aldean's Cousin

  • M Lamar (“X”), Laverne Cox’s twin

  • Michael (Cubb Coleman), Zendaya’s cousin

  • Maxwell, Chuck Norris’ grandson

  • Pepper, Dean Martin's granddaughter

Stay tuned to see who gets eliminated next!

Who is Pepper related to on 'Claim to Fame'?

Sing it! (Literally.) She's Dean Martin's granddaughter. The house caught on after her clue, “Orange-in-ale Rat Pack Singer,” hinted at his identity.

ICYDK, Dean Martin was one of six Rat Pack members, which included Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr, and Angie Dickinson.

Keep scrolling for the entire list of reveals.

Who is Lark related to?

Picture this: Lark has supermodel genes, for real. She's Cindy Crawford's niece in real life.

Who is Michael related to on 'Claim to Fame'?

Michael is Zendaya's cousin.

What happened in the earlier episodes?

Here's a quick recap:

In part two of the finale, the past contestants were brought back to the house—either to stir the pot, or just hang out. The last challenge was a game of truth or dare, which L.C. won, advancing to the final two and choosing the night's guesser. She picked Logan, who guessed that Dean Martin was Pepper's granddaughter, and since he was correct, it was L.C. and Logan in the final two, per Distractify. Then, L.C. chose for herself to be the final guesser, guessing that Logan's relative was Jason Aldean...which was correct, making her the winner. L.C., who's been revealed as Keke Palmer's older sister, won $100,000. Since the show ended, the contestants have remained super close and talk often, L.C. told PEOPLE.

In part one of the finale, Lark was outed as Cindy Crawford's niece. L.C. was ready to send Lark packing: “The only name that I was thinking was Cindy Crawford, but that was a reach” she said of her guess, which happened to be true. Logan guessed Pepper was related to Dean Martin, saying it was "the only option we have," which was also correct.

In the episode, they played a clue quiz, having to match up four clues about other contestants' relatives. L.C. got nine out of the twelve clues correct, making her the winner, per Reality Blurred. As the winner, she got to protect her own clue.

L.C. and Logan then teamed up with Pepper to reveal Lark's relation to Cindy Crawford. She graciously supported the other contestants despite her exit.

Things ended on an awkward note during week 7. The house convinced Amara that Lark, the guesser, was going to eliminate Louise. But in the end, Lark guessed Amara's identity instead. And Amara did not take it well.

“F--k y’all,” she said after her elimination. “F--k this house. Louise is fake, L.C. is fake, Logan’s fake, Lark is fake.” She then proceeded to bang her chest repeatedly on her way out and kept shouting off-camera.

During episode six, Amara's clue hinted at her connection to Whoopi Goldberg. To stay out of the spotlight, Amara confronted Kai about her possible relationship to comedian Tiffany Haddish. While they both wanted to be guesser to get the other out, in the end, Amara got to be the guesser, and correctly guessed that Kai's Tiffany Haddish connection.

During episode five, Kai and Dominique were in the bottom two. The house ultimately voted Kai to be the guesser, and she correctly guessed that Dominique was Reverend Al Sharpton's relative, thanks to Logan and the other housemates.

In week four, Pepper and Brittany were sent to the bottom two, and the house voted Brittany to be the guesser. She incorrectly guessed that Kai was related to singer and actress Andra Day and was eliminated. Everyone also learned that Brittany is the daughter of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

During week three, the contestants attempted to put their strategy skills to the test. "X" and Dominique bonded over their desire to eliminate Brittany. To get her out of the game, the two decided that "X" would purposely lose the next challenge to become the guesser.

Unfortunately, Lark was voted as guesser, and to everyone's surprise, she correctly guessed that "X" was related to Lavern Cox (they're twins). Lark credited Louise’s shared clue to her successful guess.

In episode 2, a few cast mates used the clue wall and one of the items in the challenge (a fake spider) to figure out that Michael was related to Zendaya. Michael tried to sell out Brittany's celebrity relative in exchange for his safety, but the house wasn't buying into it.

Since Pepper was the guesser, she correctly guessed that Michael was, in fact, Zendaya's cousin. Pepper was also the guesser for week one, when she incorrectly guessed that Maxwell was Steven Spielberg's grandson.

However, before she could officially make her guess, Maxwell was actually disqualified for secretly using his phone. (Contestants are not allowed to use their phones while they're on the show.) Turns out, Maxwell is Chuck Norris' grandson. This also kept Pepper from going home.

What about the rest of the cast?

The remaining contestants haven't been discovered yet, but you can count on the internet to be curious (and impatient) enough to find the answers before it airs.

Following Maxwell's disqualification in episode one, everyone was dying to know who Pepper is related to, since she was the guesser.

In a Twitter thread, a user did some digging and claims that Pepper is Dean Martin's granddaughter. The user also provided side-by-side photos of each contestant and evidence of their celeb relation.

Note: This list is all based on one Twitter thread.

  • "X" is Laverne Cox's twin brother.

  • Brittany is Brett Favre's daughter.

  • Michael is Zendaya's cousin.

  • Loreal or "L.C." is Keke Palmer's sister.

  • Logan is Jason Aldean’s cousin.

  • "Kai" is Tiffany Haddish's sister.

  • Pepper is Dean Martin's granddaughter.

  • Maxwell is Chuck Norris' grandson.

  • "Louise" is Simon Biles' sister.

  • Amara is Whoopi Goldberg's granddaughter.

  • Dominique is Al Sharpton’s daughter.

When is the finale?

The finale has been split over two nights. Part one aired on September 5th, and part two premiered on September 6th.

While part one's format remained pretty similar to all of the episodes so far, part two will be a bit spicier—mostly because former contestants will be brought back to the mansion where the final three remain, per Reality Blurred.

What have fans been saying?

Naturally, Twitter has had some thoughts on everything going on. Here are the best reactions so far:

Big congratulations goes out to L.C. Palmer!

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