'The Circle' Contestant Myles Reed Gets Banned From Cooking After Starting A Fire

Myles Reed
Instagram | Myles Reed

Myles Reed, also known as Yung Papi Fuego, was a contestant on the most recent season of 'The Circle,' and he certainly knows how to bring the heat.

During the players' time on the show, they are isolated in their own small apartments as they only communicate via 'The Circle' for a chance to win $150,000. This means they must find ways to entertain themselves and cook their own meals.

However, if Reed revealed one thing about himself when on 'The Circle,' it would be that he needs to go to culinary school because he had started a fire when he attempted to make something on the stove, getting him banned from cooking.

Myles Reed Gets Banned From Cooking During 'The Circle'


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The 29-year-old AI Engineer from Los Angeles played himself in 'The Circle,' and he was not afraid to hide anything from anyone -- including his lack of cooking skills.

In one scene of the reality television show, Reed is seen standing over the stove, cooking something in a frying pan, when suddenly flames erupt and smoke emulates the area. The smoke alarms start to go off as he grabs the pan, blows the fire out, and places it in the sink.

After this incident, Reed says production banned him from cooking.

Myles Reed Wants 'The Circle' To Deliver Uber Eats

Young Papi Fuego clearly knows how to bring the heat, but maybe not always in a good way. After production found out about the fire incident, they informed Reed that he was no longer allowed to cook his own meals and could only prepare frozen food or sandwiches.

"I really hoped they weren't going to show this scene," Reed said in a TikTok video alongside the clip from the show. "Put me on blast, Netflix."

"Clearly your boy is Doordash or Uber Eats type of guy," the contestant added. "After this fire, I was banned by the production from cooking. It was strictly frozen food or sandwiches out here."

Young Papi Fuego Brings The Heat To 'The Circle'

'The Circle' Contestant Miles Reed Gets Banned From Cooking After Starting A Fire
Instagram | Myles Reed

Fans of 'The Circle' contestant found the incident hilarious, as the clip gained over 1,500 comments and 10.3k likes.

"You showed them the real meaning of Yung Papi Fuego," one user commented.

"Lmao restricted to frozen food or sandwiches after. High key would be me," another admitted.

"Me when I play Sims," a third joked.

How Does 'The Circle' Work?

'The Circle' Contestant Miles Reed Gets Banned From Cooking After Starting A Fire
Instagram | Myles Reed

'The Circle' is categorized as part reality show, part game show, and part dating show, as the series follows contestants living alone in small apartments as they compete against each other solely over a social-media platform, called the Circle.

The goal? To become the most popular player and win $150,000. However, some of the people they interact with may not be what they seem, as catfish are swimming around 'The Circle.'

The show's creator, Tim Harcourt, admitted that the U.S. version started off "a little bit slow," but it then really took off, "especially on Instagram and Twitter."

"It’s great," he told Vulture when the show first debuted in 2020. "Obviously, it’s been running here [in the U.K.] for a couple of years, but a lot of people’s responses were so fresh — just the joy of discovering something really new."

He continued, "A lot of people were sort of like, 'Oh, I didn’t expect to like a reality show, but actually I loved it and I was hooked,' which is great, actually. We’ve got a long history here of making what I would call good-quality unscripted shows. So there’s less surprise here when something like that pops."

How Do Players Communicate In 'The Circle'?

'The Circle' Contestant Miles Reed Gets Banned From Cooking After Starting A Fire
Instagram | Myles Reed

The show's creator also explained how the contestants are able to send messages to each other while in 'The Circle,' considering they can only communicate via the social media platform.

"The app is a proper piece of chat technology, a bit like WhatsApp, I suppose, with bells and whistles and lots of extra bits," he told the outlet. "When we first set out, we tried to use it all by voice recognition. If we had done voice recognition to the level that the Circle does it, I’d probably have a job working for Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates by now."

He continued, "So what we actually have is, when you talk to the Circle, there’s a producer who’s transcribing what you say. Instantly, that gets pushed to the next room. So there is some humanity in the app, and that’s a couple of producers whose job it is to take dictation from the players."

'The Circle' is streaming on Netflix.