How Cinedigm Turned to Bob Ross to Compete Against the Streaming Giants

Tim Baysinger
·1 min read
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It wasn’t just Disney and Netflix that benefited from streaming’s supercharged rise amid a year that saw most people confined to their homes far more than they would like. Cinedigm, once known for its home entertainment and movie projector business, is now one of the biggest streaming players that you’ve never heard of — unless you happen to be a massive fan of the late art instructor Bob Ross. “That’s our franchise; that’s our sequels and universes. The big boys? Let them kill each other and dramatically ratchet up the programming costs and get them into the same cost spiral that they got into in the theatrical business, which made it so unprofitable over time,” Chris McGurk, Cinedigm’s chairman and CEO, told TheWrap. “We’ll focus on offering volume a portfolio of services with people like Bob Ross. That’s our winning strategy.” Also Read: Cinedigm Acquires Horror Streaming Service Screambox (Exclusive) Cinedigm has been on an acquisition spree of late, gobbling up streaming services that are hyper-targeted toward genre and comedy fans, as well as indie film cinephiles (along with, yes, a 24-7 channel exclusively dedicated to the work of the late onscreen painter Bob Ross). In December, Cinedigm acquired The...

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