Cinépolis Supplies 4DX to 12 Additional Sites in U.S., India, Spain and across Latin America

Confirming 4D immersive cinema as part of the global expansion plan of one of the world’s biggest exhibition groups, Mexico’s Cinépolis has pacted with Korea’s CJ 4Dplex to install its 4DX system at least 12 additional sites in the U.S., India, Spain, and across Latin America.

The new U.S. screens opening are at Carlsbad, north of San Diego, and Los Angeles County’s Pico Rivera. Though more extended in Asia and Latin America, 4DX is a growing phenomenon with “Hardcore Henry” producers announcing last month “We Kill Death,” which they call the first film to be made exclusively for 4DX and Screen X formats.

Three other upcoming Cinépolis sites included in the new deal, all set to open in 2016, are in Mexico, Chile and Spain.

4DX equips auditoriums with motion-based seating synchronised with over 20 different effects taking in vibration, water, wind, snow, lighting and scents.

The deal marks a new pact between Cinépolis, the world’s second largest provider of 4D cinema auditoriums, and CJ 4Dplex, the 4D market leader. Cinépolis already operates 49 4DX screens in 10 markets, principally in Mexico but also Brazil, Colombia, India and Guatemala.

“Cinépolis is rapidly expanding around the world, offering a variety of luxury and premium cinema experiences while staying committed to elevating the movie-going experience,” Alejandro Ramirez Magana, CEO, Cinépolis, said in a statement. “Growing our partnership with 4DX helps us in achieving that goal.”

Byung Hwan-Choi, CEO, CJ 4Dplex added: “The amazing box office success of 4DX at existing Cinépolis locations set a wonderful groundwork for us to expand on our valued relationship.”

Cinepolis’ drive into CJ4Dplex 4DX marks part of a wider push into the premium cinema market which is segmenting theatre types – such as IMAX, giant screen and premium large format (PLF) theaters, secret cinemas, pop-up and boutique theaters and 4D auditoriums, IHS Technology’s David Hancock suggested at a Cinemacon presentation this April.

Concurrently, the premium cinema drive enriches the cinema-going experience adding to its social attraction a larger emphasis on its experiential quality and enhanced immersion, he added.

Rapid adoption by many of the world’s biggest chains – Wanda, Cinemark, Cineplex and Cinepolis – suggests the attractiveness of the 4D model.

The combined 4D and motion seating screen footprint rose 55% in 2015 and continued to accelerate with a further 24.5% hike in first-half 2016, IHS Technology’s Charlotte Jones estimates in a IHS report published in September. This year’s surge of activity pushed the total worldwide screen-count to 843 by mid-June.

“The surge ties into a growing push by key circuits to strategically invest in a range of premium cinema offerings to retain audiences particularly at higher price points in return for upgraded features such as PLF, reclining seats and in-dining,” according to Jones.

She added: “Nonetheless, 4D and immersive motion seating currently occupies a very small 0.3% niche of the total digital screen base but with significant potential to become a key feature of leading multiplexes worldwide.”

Since 2009, more than 300 Hollywood titles have been screened in 4DX. As of October 2016, 4DX reaches over 36,000 seats in operation at 286 auditoriums in 41 countries, CJ 4Dplex said in a joint statement with Cinépolis.

The world’s fourth largest movie theatre circuit, with more than 4,750 screens in 13 countries, Cinépolis is based out of Morelia in Mexico and the prime backer of the Morelia Film Festival, whose 2016 edition opened Friday.

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