Ciara Miller answers our burning questions about her first season on ‘Summer House’

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Summer House‘s newest star, Ciara Miller, probably had a more intense 2020 than you did: After working the first several months of the pandemic as a nurse in the ICU, she signed on to quarantine in a share house in the Hamptons for six weeks with people she had, for the most part, never met in her life.

Ciara’s ties to the group were through Luke Gulbranson, a Minnesota native with whom she had a romantic past. He, however, had spent the previous summer on-and-off with housemate Hannah Berner. Naturally, weeks of drama ensued around their love triangle (if you want to call it that), which ultimately ended in Ciara and Hannah becoming fast friends and metaphorically leaving Luke in the rearview (they did, after all, still live with him).

In a new interview for In The Know’s pop culture podcast, We Should Talk, Ciara Miller opened up about her entire Summer House experience, including what it was like going from nurse to reality star, why she is “so done” with Luke, connecting with Hannah on a deeper level, opening up about her strained relationship with her father on the show and whether or not she’d return to Summer House for another season.

“I’m at a point where I feel like my relationships with people in the house are stronger, and I love living with them. I can’t imagine living with anyone else,” she told In The Know. “When I go home to Atlanta, I live by myself, and if I had a roommate, that would be totally weird. I want to have roommates in the summer — ten of them!”

Listen to Summer House star Ciara Miller’s full episode of We Should Talk below, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

Ciara Miller on her relationship with Luke Gulbranson: “Going in, I thought we were going to be friends. I’d known Luke for a couple of years, prior to us going to the house, and we have tried the romantic route, and it’s kind of gone awry a couple of times. So, I was like, ‘Let’s get back to the point where we can be good friends.’ I wasn’t closing the door on him completely. […] Going into the house, we were kind of back to our old banter a little bit, and it was keeping it light. […] The moment I realized he wanted to try something more, I just wasn’t in that headspace. Comparing notes with Hannah, I was just like, ‘I can’t. I don’t have the energy, and we’ve done that.’ It’s not what I wanted. We’ve done that, it didn’t work and it doesn’t even feel like it’s working now. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of how the love triangle situation was handled. I’ll just say, if we fool around, okay, but I wasn’t even into that. There are certain things that i know I need in a relationship, and I just know I wasn’t going to get it with him.”

Ciara Miller on her friendship with Hannah Berner: “I watched it back, but I didn’t feel like it was overbearing or like she had some ulterior motives. I didn’t feel like that at all. Honestly, they didn’t show a lot of me and Hannah’s friendship throughout the summer, because it wasn’t just Luke s**t. We were both going through, like, you break up with these guys and kind of just relating to each other on a girl level. We have these struggles that we have to figure out, we also have a lot of different traumas that we’re sorting through and talking about mental health and what we need to do to find the person that we’re supposed to be with. Those were key moments that really bonded us, and to say that it stemmed just from the situation with Luke would really cheapen the value that I place on our friendship.”

Ciara Miller on rumors that Lindsay Hubbard and Luke Gulbranson hooked up: “I don’t care. I’m so done with anything that has to do with Luke potentially banging somebody. I’m like, ‘Good, great, good for you, awesome. I’m cheering you on!’ I could see it, I could not see it… whatever.”

Ciara Miller on opening up about her relationship with her father on Summer House: “Even watching it, I get emotional. I don’t want to be a victim of the situation, because it has definitely contributed to the person I am today, and I’m thankful for that. God puts you through certain situations for a reason, but with everything in my being, I want to take that and learn from it and do better and hopefully things will be different for my kids. It’s emotional to watch that and then not have as much of a response from my dad on that side. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve learned to navigate that relationship in a way where he might not ever see it from my perspective, and that’s something that I’m going to have to be okay with. All I can do is forgive him on my part, and continue to move forward. I just hope we can get it together by the time I have kids and he’s a grandpa, because I want him to be the most present grandpa just like his dad was for me.”

Ciara Miller on being a nurse at the start of the pandemic: “Nursing was hard pre-pandemic. I’m ICU, so that’s all I know. I only know critical care. It’s tough. The amount of work that goes into taking care of these patients is a lot. Add the pandemic on top of there being a nurse shortage was pretty unexplainable, and I feel like nurses are finally getting the recognition that we’ve always been worthy of. People don’t realize, literally nothing can happen without the nurse. You can put in an order all day, you can tell somebody that they need this and that, but it does not get done unless you have a nurse. And the pandemic really highlighted how special nurses are. It was tough. I worked in Texas, I worked in New York — I worked over in Brooklyn — and I worked at my hospital in Atlanta. […] Nurses are a different breed because we have to experience so much death. There’s a lot of good, too. It’s not all bad and it’s not all sad stories. You really highlight the good to outweigh the bad. It honestly just becomes normal.”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Ciara Miller below, and tune into Summer House on Bravo, Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST:

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