Ciara Makes Us Want To “Jump” With New Music Video

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Ciara is back with a high-energy video for her latest single “Jump.” The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and entrepreneur brings lots of nostalgic Ci Ci vibes in the new visual, from some of her iconic dance moves to even dancing on top of a car again–hence her 2019 video for “Ride.”

“Jump” brings us back to the days when music videos actually felt like an experience. From a 14-outfit wardrobe change to epic scenery, choreographed dance routines, coupled with captivating graphic effects. We can tell Ciara and Missy Elliot are still tight.

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To kick off the Dave Meyers-directed video, a youthful Ciara is a part of the cheerleading squad as they break it down to a “Jump” cheer. They chant, “You like it when I make that thang jump, You go ‘Wow” when I make that thing jump/ It get loud when I make that thing jump, It’s a party when I make that thing jump.”

The scenes quickly change from high school sports to Ci Ci twerking in a parking lot full of low riders. She sports red curly hair with cut-out shorts tastefully showing her derriere as it jumps. After transitioning into a rooftop scene, Ciara shows off more of her dance skills in an all-black ensemble with knee-high sneakers. She even hits the iconic “Ciara walk” from her “Goodies” music video.

CiCi’s video finishes up with a few more iconic dance scenes and fashionable looks as the featured act Coast Contra raps with Ciara and her dance squad, surrounded by 4-wheelers. Ciara gives us her own twist on a Canadian tuxedo ensemble as she dances on top of a freight train, before walking away with a smile.

“I feel like some of my best music is what I call stadium music,” she said in a live chat prior to “Jump’s” premiere. She added, “It’s also what I call ‘Ghetto-Pop,’ Its songs that can play in the hood and beyond, and that’s always been important to me since day one. “

Check out “Jump” above.

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