Ciara Drops New Family-Inspired Single 'Treat' Featuring Her Children: 'It Was A Very Special Moment'

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In order to commemorate family, singer Ciara collaborated with Rice Krispies Treats on a new song that featured her children Future and Sienna.

Ciara revealed that creating the song “Treat” with her children was a special moment for her and her family; she knows it will be something they will never forget.

“I’m all about family and you guys know my babies mean the world to me. It made it even more fun. It made the process all the more the special,” Ciara told Essence. “It was a very special moment, me and my family, my babies, being together. I know they’ll never forget the moment they got to sing a song with mommy.”

The singer revealed she didn’t know how her children would react during the recording and was surprised at their level of commitment.

“Sometimes you don’t really know what your kids are going to be like in certain situations. They were so focused and committed,” Ciara said. “It was just effortless for them. They really were having a good time.”


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In a TikTok video, Future and Sienna showed their dance moves with mom Ciara as they supported the song.

Ciara also shared clips of the trio in the recording studio for the song in the video.

@ciara #ad #OurTreatEntry is a fam jam sesh. Show me yours for a chance to be in my music vid AND win @kelloggsricekrispies ♬ Treat – Ciara

According to POPSUGAR, Ciara called a friend to help with the song’s creation and revealed that it was a straightforward process for them. 

“This is a super-exciting campaign. What I loved about Rice Krispies Treats’ vision is it’s really about family and the good times together and I’m all about my family.” Ciara said. “I called up my friend, who we’ve made a lot of amazing songs together and it was just something that came really easy to us in the process.” 

“We were going back and forth with all the good vibes, so it all came together in a really fun way,” she continued.

In addition, she hopes the track inspires families to find joy and to help spread positivity in the world. 

“That good family fun equates to love, good energy in the universe and incredible energy across the board,” Ciara said. “Music is so powerful, so what better way to kick off this campaign than with a really fun song?”

Ciara’s “Treat” is available to stream on Spotify now.