Christopher Daniels Wants Ring Of Honor To Return To Pre-Pandemic Popularity

christopher daniels
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As Ring of Honor revs up for the release of its first television tapings under the Tony Khan banner, Christopher Daniels hopes to revive its popularity.

Recently speaking with PWMania, the AEW Manager of Talent Relations spoke about his hopes for the future of AEW, as well as his former home of ROH.

“I want to get Ring of Honor back to the popularity it had right before the pandemic brought everything to a standstill,” Daniels explained. “I would love to see ROH find life back online, I would love to see a crossover audience that loves both AEW and WWE enjoying Ring of Honor. That would be awesome.”

ROH will officially return to weekly programming tonight on the HonorClub streaming service. Christopher Daniels, however, would like to see episodes resurface on television.

“I would love to see an opportunity for ROH to return to television,” he said. “But I also understand the situation we are in with AEW and Warner Broadcasting. Maybe in the future when ROH could be on a Warner affiliate that’s not TNT or TBS. But this is just speculation from a guy who falls for a living. If we can continue the upward progress of AEW, continue to grow the fanbase, solidify ourselves, and bring Ring of Honor up to that level as well, I think that would be a great situation for all of us under Tony’s lead.”

As AEW and ROH continue on their upward trajectory, they serve as valid alternatives to wrestling’s most global enterprise, WWE. “With my history coming up through the indies and doing as much as I did with ROH and TNA back in the day, I understand the necessity for an alternative to WWE,” Christopher Daniels said.

With the existence of so many alternatives nowadays, fans have the power to cultivate their own unique experience. “Now they can watch the wrestlers that they like, whether it’s in WWE, AEW, IMPACT, or New Japan. Having those options enriches the experience of professional wrestling. Getting to pick your favorites and thinking about what if this guy could wrestle this guy, it’s a lot of fun, especially if you’re a real wrestling fan.”

The first episode of Ring Of Honor television under Tony Khan’s ownership will premiere on March 2 at 7 pm EST on HonorClub.

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