Christine Chiu Teases a Dramatic Exit for Cherie Chan on Season 2 of Bling Empire

The biggest drama in season two of Bling Empire might involve who's not on the show.

After it was reported that Cherie Chan and new husband Jessey Lee wouldn't be returning to the glamorous Netflix reality hit, fans were a bit surprised to see Cherie and Jessey appear in the salacious trailer for the second season, premiering May 13.

Now, cast mate Christine Chiu is teasing a very scandalous end to Cherie's time on the show.

"I think viewers will be surprised," Christine exclusively told E! News at the Hilton Family Art Show sponsored by Casa Del Sol Tequila. "I'm disappointed. She didn't stay long enough to kind of complete her story. I think it was it was a big shocker to all of us and I think it'll be a big shocker to the world."

In the trailer, Cherie is seen picking out rings for a wedding she says she's been planning for "a year-and-a-half." But the biggest bombshell is saved for later when Kelly Mi Li makes the allegation that Jessey "has another family."

Bling Empire: Season 2 Photos

The accusation is enough to elicit gasps from the rest of the cast—and you know if the Bling Empire crew is shocked, it's pretty major.

While the reasons behind Cherie and Jessey's departure from the show are unconfirmed, they aren't showing any signs of slowing down on social media.

Cherie posted a photo of the couple together on Instagram on April 29 with the caption: "Together 24/7 #alwaysandforever #hatersgonnahate #chanelheartbag #chanel #gifttomyself #love"

Jessey commented on the photo, saying: "Our ❤️ for each other will never be tested"

He then wrote "What a bunch of" and inserted a clown emoji.

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As for Christine? While she's used to drama on her on show, she says she could never hack it on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"It's not my cup of tea," Christine—who is friends with Kathy Hilton and other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars—said. "I love watching them and I love hanging out with them. I would not want to be in a fistfight in the midst of all of those women, they do look great though. They fight pretty."

Pretty or otherwise, it sounds like there are plenty of battles to be waged on the second season of Bling Empire when it premieres May 13 on Netflix.

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