Christina Hendricks Shares 'Heartbreak' Over Good Girls Cancellation After Four Seasons

Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks
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Christina Hendricks says that saying goodbye to her show Good Girls last year was "a little bit of a heartbreak."

The 46-year-old actress starred as Beth Boland in the series which aired on NBC for four seasons before it was canceled last June.

Speaking to PEOPLE at a Good Eggs dinner event in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday evening, Hendricks said she felt that the network "failed massively," when it came to "representing the kind of show that it was." "It was quirky and weird and smart and they kind of made it just look like a sitcom," she said.

NBC did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

After saluting the "really cool fans" who watched the series on Hulu and Netflix, Hendricks explained that NBC "told us we were going to get picked up and then two weeks later yanked it out from underneath us and took it away from us."

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christina hendricks
christina hendricks

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Hendricks, who is also widely known for her role as Joan on Mad Men, continued, "So, we were kind of all like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa.' Because we loved it. We loved doing it, and [costars] Retta and Mae Whitman were like two... they still are two of my best friends and we love working together. So, every other day we send each other texts being like, 'I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.' But it was a little bit of a heartbreak, because we like doing it."

When asked if she'd want to rejoin in the series if it was to be revived, Hendricks suggested she was satisfied with closing that chapter for good.

"What I wanted was for us to have one last season to tie it up," said the star. "But I think that they exhausted their storylines. I think they started repeating themselves a little bit. And so I think it was time. Like Mad Men ... We ended on a high note. I want to leave proud of it. I never want to have regrets and I feel so proud of Good Girls. I think it was stellar from start to finish. It was done. It was good. Perfect."

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Hendricks previously opened up to the PEOPLE Every Day podcast about her role on the show and why she believed its overall success was due to its powerful female characters that resonate with audiences.

"No one's a stereotype of the strong person or the weak person. We know that we are those people, all day long," said Hendricks.

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The multi-Emmy Award nominee said storylines where women portray nonconforming roles should be explored more in Hollywood.

"I think that a woman can be so many different things and the more you show all those different sides to her, people respond to that as strength because it feels real," said the actress.

At the time, Hendricks said she's been "lucky" to play powerful women onscreen and celebrated Good Girls' "well-rounded" and strong female-starring roles, led by creator and executive producer Jenna Bans.