Christina Hall Reveals Not Posting Son Hudson’s Photos Is ‘About CONTROL’


Christina Hall is sick of the assumptions about her recent social media choices and is setting the record straight for the last time!

After being accused by her ex-husband Ant Anstead of exploiting their son's image for monetary reasons, she decided to keep her son out of all her social media platforms. Yet, speculations still arose as to why she made that decision which got worse after the star posted a picture of her family for the Holidays. This led her to defend herself in a new post vehemently. 

Christina Hall Pens Message To Public About Not Posting Son Hudson's Pictures

Christina Hall's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Christina Hall

On her Instagram story, the reality TV star began her "Public Service Announcement" by stating that it would be the last time she would talk about that particular topic. She noted that there was a lot of "confusion and false info about her 3-year-old's photos adding, "People on here telling me "she was never told she couldn't post "... Umm, correct… I never said that!" 

The mother-of-three admitted that no one or even a judge ever told her that she could not post Hudson. She stated clearly, "I CHOSE and Choose to not post Hudson because I was exhausted over Instagram being used as a tool against me." 

She noted that the situation had nothing to do with the paid adverts and that people needed to understand that their fight or her decision was not connected to advertisements. The Anaheim native wrote:

"This is about CONTROL. There are many things I was no longer ok with. Instagram was being used as a tool against me to judge the kind of mom I was, and I was sick of it." 

Hall disclosed that every picture she posted of her child to her story or the main page was always being screenshot to be taken apart. She concluded by noting that she chose to stop because of that, adding, "Now the "now it alls" can go back to his page, please. Thank you." [sic]

Christina Hall's post on her Instagram story
Instagram | Christina Hall

This rant came off the heels of the family portrait she posted, where she blocked Hudson's face with a large emoji. The act did not go unnoticed by fans who reacted in her comments about how unfair it was that she was not allowed to post her son's pictures. 

In the image, she stood with her family in a grass field as they smiled at the camera. They were dressed in almost matching outfits in their blue and white ensembles - white shirts over blue denim for the adults and blue shirts for the children - blended with the Fall atmosphere. She wrote in the caption:

"What better backdrop for family photos than a beautiful fall-colored field?! This photoshoot was one of my favorites. I love my family ❤️."

Ant Anstead Snaps Back At Critics' Comments

The TV presenter accused his ex-wife Hall of putting their son in dangerous situations for paid adverts in April, and since then, the little boy has not been featured in any of her posts. The part that is a bit confusing to everyone is the fact that Anstead still posts Hudson on his own page.

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The Blast shared that a few of his followers came for the 43-year-old under one of his recent posts. In the pictures, the 3-year-old posed with his dad and granddad looking excited as he fed the older adult and when he was squeezed between the two adults. 

“Covid lockdown was hard on everyone. Finally, the world is getting back to normal, which means my parents made it to America!" the caption began, as he jokingly added that his parents being here met code for spoiling his son alongside house chores being done and home-cooked meals. He ended it by writing:

"It also means Sunsets and evening walks for dinner. Table for five x."

Under the post, one observer wrote, "You've stated she is exploiting him. Why can't you just be happy she is happy and move on? This isn't about your son, it's about her leaving her. Get over it." He responded, "sorry you think that, it's just not true. Hudzo childhood is not for sale. As a dad, I will continue to step up for him x."

The father-of-three also noted that, on the contrary, Hall could post as many pictures as she liked to another user who asked why his mother could not post pictures, but he could.