Christina Applegate Details "Fatalistic" Depression Amid MS Battle

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Originally appeared on E! Online

Christina Applegate is getting candid about her mental and physical aspects of her health journey.

Amid her battle with multiple sclerosis, the Married…With Children star shared insight into her struggle with depression due to the physical effects of her disease.

"I am in a depression right now, which I don't think I've felt for years," Christina explained to Jamie-Lynn Sigler on the June 4 episode of the duo's MeSsy podcast, which was recorded earlier this year. "Like a real, f--k it all, like real depression where it's kind of scaring me too a little bit because it feels really fatalistic."

The 52-year-old, who shared her MS diagnosis back in 2021, noted, "I'm trapped in this darkness right now that I haven't felt like—I don't even know how long, probably 20 something years."

And Christina—who shares daughter Sadie, 11, with her husband of 11 years Martyn LeNoble—also expressed feeling tired of her own negative feelings surrounding her illness.

"I can't believe it's going to be three years since diagnosis in June," she admitted. "And I'm still sitting here like ‘Boohoo, woe is me.' I'm still mad about it."

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However, as a result of the toll the disease has taken on her body, she has found herself unable to find pleasure in life.

As she put it, "I don't enjoy living—I don't enjoy things anymore."

In fact, the Dead to Me alum touched on her surprise appearance at the Emmys in January, recalling how difficult it was for her afterwards.

Christina Applegate, Sadie
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

"I did the thing, you know, the television thing," Christina, who was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy at the ceremony, explained. "That was like the hardest day of my life. Started at 11 o'clock in the morning and didn't get home until 9:30. I think I slept for two days straight after that. I couldn't even function."

And while Christina received encouraging words of wisdom from Jamie-Lynn—who has been battling MS for over 20 years—she noted that the only thing she's been able to put her energy toward was caring for her 11-year-old.

"I'm kind of just like giving up," she lamented. "You know me. I'm so like, ‘Well you know this is it. I'm just going to lay in bed and sleep all the time and then when my daughter needs me, I'll be there for her and I'll do everything for her."

The Anchorman actress also noted that while she had a scheduled appointment with a therapist, she was worried that the "floodgates" would open, and she wouldn't be able to close them again. However, Jamie-Lynn pushed back.

"I see more light in that process for you," she encouraged. "I can't let you give up. I can't do it. I need you to do it."

Throughout her MS diagnosis, Christina has been open about the ups and downs. Keep reading for a dive into her health journey.

Health Journey

<p>Health Journey</p>

First Public Appearance

<p>First Public Appearance</p>

Early Symptoms

<p>Early Symptoms</p>

Making Moves

<p>Making Moves</p>

Strong Statement

<p>Strong Statement</p>

Just Jokes

<p>Just Jokes</p>

Healing Through Humor

<p>Healing Through Humor</p>

"I make these jokes because if I don't, I'll suffocate," Christina shared on a March 2024 episode on Armchair Expert, explaining why she often pokes fun at her condition. "I'll be done."

MS On Her Mind

<p>MS On Her Mind</p>

Getting Candid

<p>Getting Candid</p>

Christina hasn’t held back when it comes to sharing her journey.

"It sucks," the Anchorman actress told late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel of her daily struggles with MS. "I'm not going to lie. I think anyone who has MS isn't going to be like, 'This is the best thing that ever happened to me!'"

In Her Bubble

<p>In Her Bubble</p>

The Sweetest Support

<p>The Sweetest Support</p>

Christina credited her Sweetest Thing costar Selma Blair—who was diagnosed with MS in 2018—for urging her to get tested for the disease.

"She said, 'You need to get checked for MS,'" Christina recalled during her GMA interview. "If not for her, it could've been way worse."

Friendship Never Dies

<p>Friendship Never Dies</p>

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