Christina Aguilera Reveals the Wildest Places She's Had Sex — Including 'Bent Over' the Soundboard

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"I can't believe we didn't get caught so many times in so many situations," the singer-songwriter told Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper

Call Her Daddy Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera isn't afraid to get into the nitty-gritty when it comes to her sex life.

On Wednesday, the Stripped songstress appeared on an episode of Call Her Daddy and got real with fans about her sexuality — including the wildest places she's had sex.

When host Alex Cooper asked what her top three sex positions were, Aguilera, 42, replied that it "depends on the mood."

"Sometimes it's nice early in the morning on your side and from behind — there's spooning involved," she said, adding that she also enjoys "doggy [style] in the shower."

Aguilera then said it's great to "use your imagination" and get creative with her partner, longtime fiancé Matthew Rutler.

"There's the studio soundboard. I've been bent over it a couple times. It's fun," the singer-songwriter said. "A plane can be fun, we've definitely hid some stuff under the blanket. I can't believe we didn't get caught so many times in so many situations."

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Call Her Daddy Christina Aguilera
Call Her Daddy Christina Aguilera

Elsewhere in the interview, Aguilera revealed that her favorite part of sex is "getting off" because she loves "intimacy."

"Sex is fun and knowing your body is so important. You are only going to know your body when you spend time with yourself first — so you even know what to ask for from your partner or what you like," she said.

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After Cooper asked what she's "best" at, Aguilera was quick to tout her oral sex skills: "Hands down ... I enjoy it," she replied. "I hear some women don't like it but I don't know man... it's a turn-on."

"Sexuality is a very specific thing so like what one guy might like, another one doesn't," the "Beautiful" singer said. "There's a lot of different levels, that's why it's really important to be with a partner where you can really explore."

Call Her Daddy Alex Cooper and Christina Aguilera
Call Her Daddy Alex Cooper and Christina Aguilera

Listen to the full episode, where Aguilera also revisits her childhood and early career as she opens up about feeling empowered to create a safe space for female sexuality, here.

Earlier this month, the Grammy-winner spoke to PEOPLE about breaking the stigma around sexual wellness as co-founder and chief brand advisor for sexual wellness brand Playground.

"This is a very natural progression for me personally," Aguilera said. "[I hope to] inspire other women to feel comfortable with talking about their experiences and owning their body and their sexuality and what that means to them, because every woman is different."

"I've gotten to know my vagina well over the last 42 years. And literally there are pleasure points that keep opening up as you get older," she added. "And that's something that I've really noticed. There's four different places that I can orgasm from around my vagina, and that is the truth."

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