Christian Bale and Matt Damon on the troubling truth about extreme weight loss

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In 2017, Christian Bale put on a whopping 70 pounds to transform himself into former vice president, Dick Cheney, for the biopic "Vice." He then slimmed down quickly to play car racer Ken Miles in his new movie "Ford v Ferrari," which also stars Matt Damon. Bale told Yahoo Entertainment, "It isn't healthy for people to do that." Damon also shared that early in his career, he shed weight for a role in an unhealthy way that lead to him taking medication. "I kind of messed up all my system and everything was off." Both actors praised Gary Oldman, who didn't put on a pound to play Winston Churchill in the 2017 movie "Darkest Hour." Oldman wore a foam bodysuit to appear heavier. "I also saw what Gary did," Bale said. "Where as before I would laugh when people went, 'can you just sort of put on a suit?' No, that's not how it works and it's like oh, that's how he [Oldman] did it."