Chrissy Teigen Shares Wild Story About Thinking She Had A Secret Identical Twin

 screenshot chrissy
screenshot chrissy

I would imagine it’s a pretty typical experience for anybody who’s seen The Parent Trap — either the Hayley Mills original or the Lindsay Lohan remake — to imagine what it would be like to find out you have an identical twin somewhere out in the world. I’m sure the thought crossed my mind when I was younger, but I definitely never experienced anything like what Chrissy Teigen did. The Chrissy’s Court star just came out with a wild story about how her 23andMe results led to her thinking she had a secret twin.

Chrissy Teigen has been on a health and wellness journey, and she’s shared some of that with her social media followers, including marking a year of sobriety last summer. Part of that journey, she explained on Instagram, included wanting to find out more about her family. She did a 23andMe test, and she got some interesting results, including that she was part Neanderthal. However, that wasn’t the most interesting revelation, and she shared a video explaining her confusion about the other supposed finding:

I have an identical twin. Like, that has to be a joke, right? So I literally write the twin. I full-on write 23andMe, and I start, like, talking to a robot like it’s not a robot. I talk to my fucking doctor. Honestly at this point I’m spiraling.

Chrissy Teigen went on to say she called up her dad, asking the question that likely no father expects to get from their daughter:

Did you see me come out of Mom’s vagina and were there two of me?

Her dad apparently laughed as he confirmed he was there, and there was only one of her, but apparently her mind wasn’t ready to give up on the possibility that there might be a carbon copy Chrissy. She said she started using the separation from her supposed twin as an explanation for her codependency and addiction issues.

Then, however, she talked to her sister, who apparently brought reason back to the situation when she reminded Chrissy Teigen of a project she’d done in the past. Teigen continued:

My sister was like, ‘Chrissy, no, remember when you were supposed to do that show like Finding Your Roots?’ And so they had us all take DNA tests, and they put it under, like, secret names, so the world couldn’t tell. You guys, this never aired… we never finished shooting it. Like, my identical twin was myself. I was matching myself.

Wow, what a ride that was! It’s a good thing her sister remembered the show Chrissy Teigen had previously signed on for, because who knows how long it would have taken for the former Lip Sync Battle co-host to figure out that there were no big family secrets surrounding her birth. It’s a pretty wild story, and it’s only better hearing Teigen tell it herself, which you can below:

So it turns out that we will not be getting that Parent Trap sequel that we want from Chrissy Teigen, but if you want to live vicariously through the characters who have experienced an unexpected reunion with their identical twin, I highly recommend either the 1961 or 1998 version of The Parent Trap. Sure, there’s plenty about the Lindsay Lohan movie that didn’t make any sense, but the twin hijinks are so much fun, and both versions are available for streaming with a Disney+ subscription.