Chrissy Teigen Laments Being ‘Cancelled’ For Past Cyberbullying: ‘There Is No Winning’

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Chrissy Teigen is struggling with being on social media less after receiving backlash for past comments. The author and TV personality took to Instagram on Wednesday night to vent some of her frustrations.

“Iiiii don’t really know what to say here…just feels so weird to pretend nothing happened in this online world but feel like utter s— in real life,” Teigen began the caption, attached to a photo of her sitting on the couch.

“Cancel club is a fascinating thing and I have learned a whollllle lot,” Teigen continued. “Only a few understand it and it’s impossible to know til you’re in it. And it’s hard to talk about it in that sense because obviously you sound whiney when you’ve clearly done something wrong. It just sucks. There is no winning.”

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Teigen came under fire on social media in May, after reality star Courtney Stodden claimed that Teigen had bullied them and sent death threats over their marriage to then 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison (Stodden was just 16 at the time). In response, Teigen publicly apologized twice, acknowledging the hurtfulness of her words, before taking a step back from social media.

As a result of the incident resurfacing, Teigen lost deals with major brands carrying her cookware, as well as a voiceover job with Netflix on “Never Have I Ever” — though she left the latter of her own accord. (Gigi Hadid was announced as Teigen’s replacement on Thursday morning).

“If you or someone you know has also been cancelled please let me know if there is a cancel club reunion because I could use some time off my couch!” Teigen added in her caption.

In her post, Teigen also lamented that no matter what she said, she knew that it was “gonna get brutally picked apart.” And indeed, people on Twitter had some blunt responses.

Cubans are being slaughtered by their government in the streets but did you know that Chrissy Teigen is sad because nobody is paying attention to her on Instagram anymore?

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) July 15, 2021

chrissy teigen you don’t have to play hop scotch with dropped power lines in a thunderstorm you can just sip tea in your mansion, watch the rain tickle the infinity pool and try in vain to spend all your money

— massive anonymous irony account (@Eve6) July 15, 2021

Atleaat we can all agree on one thing on Twitter can’t none of us stand Chrissy Teigen’s cry baby ass

— RY (@Scott158710) July 15, 2021

Very depressed Chrissy Teigen wants to let us all know how depressed she is b/c she’s a hateful twat & now she can’t have fun being a twat on social media anymore. She also said she needs time off her couch even though she was just in Italy with family and friends for 2 weeks. 🤡

— Erin Moon Honey Davies (@erinheartscoco) July 15, 2021

Others were more sympathetic to her mental health struggles.

Thread: Im blocked by John Legend and I assume if she knows me at all Im disliked by Chrissy Teigen. But people can learn and change. I said things I regret when she had her miscarriage. Depression is real so, yes, Im sending @ChrissyTeigen some love. 1/

— Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) July 15, 2021

Chrissy Teigen's recent mental health challenges showcase how much social media affects our mental health on a daily basis.

Applying one's self-worth to how many followers they have AND what they say about you is a dangerous trap.

— Lauren Modery (@Hipstercrite) July 15, 2021

Teigen has not resurfaced on social media again since making the lengthy Instagram post.

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