Chrissy Teigen, Alexis Ohanian and More React to the Choco Taco Being Discontinued: 'Insanity'

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Choco Taco
Choco Taco

Klondike Choco Taco

People are mourning the Choco Taco.

Following Monday's announcement that Klondike's Choco Taco was entirely discontinued after almost four decades, fans and even some celebrities had something to say.

PEOPLE confirmed the news Monday per a rep for Klondike, which is owned by Unilever, that the treat was discontinued in July due to an unprecedented spike in demand for different Klondike products over the past two years.

The taco-shaped frozen treat consisted of light vanilla ice cream encased in a waffle cone, partially covered with milk chocolate and topped with peanuts.

On Tuesday, celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern shared his thoughts on the surprising announcement.

"This is insanity. Look at the Klondike portfolio and tell me you would discontinue what is arguably the best quiescently frozen dessert treat ever???," Zimmern, 61, said in a post retweeting a news story about the decision. "Get rid of the Cone Zone or the Cookies n' Cream sandwich instead! We need our Choco Tacos."

Zimmern is not the only one upset by Klondike's move.

Chrissy Teigen shared a screenshot of PEOPLE's story confirming the news to her Instagram Story along with her own reaction.

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"Everyone always takes this sh-- for granted when it's around. Never choosing it over a Snickers ice cream bar so that's what u get don't go crying now," Teigen, 36, wrote. "U never cared before. U don't deserve him!!!"

In another slide, she shared a screenshot of a Tweet from writer Saeed Jones who said he's "convinced this is a PR scheme."

"Agree," Teigen wrote. "This taco aint going nowhere."

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, took to Twitter to share his idea for how to keep the tasty treat on the market.

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"Dear @Unilever — I'd like to buy the rights to your Choco Taco and keep it from melting away from future generations' childhoods," Ohanian, 39. wrote.

The discourse extended far and wide with social media accounts from across the internet chiming in.

An official Twitter account belonging to Mr. Owl — the face of Tootsie Roll — used their platform to share their condolences.

"RIP #ChocoTaco, not the start to taco Tuesday I was hoping for," Mr. Owl wrote.

Even the sports world tipped their hat to the news, with the Detroit Tigers Twitter account sharing a video of a home run.

"Like the Choco Taco, that baseball has been discontinued," the team account wrote Monday night.

According to NPR, Alan Drazen had the idea for the Choco Taco in 1983.

The frozen dessert was even sold at Taco Bell for a period of time. In February, Taco Bell partnered with Klondike, bringing the Choco Taco back to 20 Taco Bell locations for a limited time as part of Klondike's 100-year anniversary.