Chris Rock got his daughter kicked out of school

Chris Rock got his daughter kicked out of school

Chris Rock has never been one to shy away from sensitive topics, and on his new live comedy special Selective Outrage, that includes outing a huge secret he's kept from his ex-wife and oldest daughter.

Quipping about how strange it is to be raising "rich kids" because he "identifies as poor" — "My kids ski, they ride horses...they fence, I got fencing little Black girls" — Rock launched into a story about his oldest daughter Lola and something that happened in her senior year at a private school. While on a class trip to Portugal, "Lola and four of her little white girlfriends decided they were bored." The girls, he said, ended up sneaking out to go drinking and got caught. "Of course they got busted. Rich white schools, they don't play that s---."

He continued, "These crazy white schools got rich ass white parents and rich ass white parents do not let their kids get kicked out of school. So all the parents, they all got lawyers, even the ones that were lawyers got lawyers. Good lawyers."

Chris Rock admits to getting his daughter kicked out of school
Chris Rock admits to getting his daughter kicked out of school

Netflix Chris Rock in Selective Outage

Rock admitted he didn't want to get a lawyer at first because he was "mad" at his child. "But my ex-wife's like, 'No, f--- that, we're getting a lawyer, and we're gonna sue this school, we're gonna sue this dean, we can sue these teachers. I can't even believe they let her out of their sight!'"

"I started to argue but the last time I argued with my ex-wife about a lawyer, I lost my house," he joked. "So I come home from work and I see Lola outside just laughing with like three of her little white girlfriends." He said he then walked over to find out what was so funny, and her reply was not exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Lola is like, 'Daddy stop it, you're so serious! I'll be back in school in no time,'" he continued. He then got into his car, drove to the school and asked the dean a favor: "I need you to kick my daughter out of this school. I need you to kick her Black ass out of this school. I need my Black child to learn her lesson right now before she is up on OnlyFans and some s---! Please kick my child out of f---ing school." In the end, Rock said, "They kicked her out. They kicked them all out, but they kicked my child out first."

While the comic and actor doesn't typically share stories about his daughters often, he has opened up about his family in prior specials. In 2018's Tambourine he reflected on his divorce, admitting to cheating and not being a good partner. Now, he takes himself to task on what it's like dating as a 57-year-old man.

Aside from parenting, politics, and dating, Rock also addressed the Will Smith Oscars slap at length, noting how Smith had "selective outage" and accusing Smith of punching him because of the possible rage he felt from the his wife's "entanglements."

As far as his daughter is concerned, Rock let everyone know the school incident was a few years ago, she's in college and doing great now. He says, reflecting on his life now, "Except for some other weird things," Rock says, "life is pretty good."

Selective Outrage is streaming now on Netflix.

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